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Q: What team had the 1 pick in the 2003 NBA draft?
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How do you try out for an nba team?

its up to the draft pick in team

What team has the number one pick in the 2011 NBA draft?

The Cleveland Cavaliers had the Number One pick in the 2011 NBA draft.

Who was the eighth pick of the 2003 NBA draft?

The eighth pick of the 2003 NBA Draft was T.J. Ford of the University of Texas at Austin. Ford was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks.

Who was the third pick in the 2003 NBA Draft?

Carmelo Anthony

What number pick did the Knicks get in the 2008 NBA draft?

The Knicks have the 6th overall pick in the 2008 NBA draft.knicks is a good team in the NBA draft in 2008. if i go to the NbA I WILL BE happle

What is an unprotected draft pick in the NBA?

It means the team can get any draft number, regardless of if it's a lottery pick or not.

Who is Number 1 draft pick of nba 2003?

lebron James

What year did Dwyane Wade selected in the NBA Draft and what overall pick was he?

Drafted in 2003, Dwayne Wade was the 5th overall pick to the team Miami Heat.

Who was the Laker's second round pick in the 2003 NBA Draft?

Luke Walton

Who was the first round second pick of the 2003 nba draft?

Carmelo Anthoney

How was LeBron James drafted into the NBA?

He was the first overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

How to get in the NBA?

First you join High School basketball and then if a college likes how you play they draft after that you play college basketball. After that you can decide if want to go in the NBA draft. When you go in the NBA draft if a NBA team likes they will pick to play for the team. After that you can play in the NBA.

After 20 years if a team in the nba has not had a 1 draft pick do they get one automatically?


What team drafted Trevor Ariza in the NBA Draft?

New York Knicks 2004 NBA Draft Round 2 - Pick 43

Can you pick the team you want to be on if you are not in the NBA draft?

No you can not. If you do not enter the lottery(the Draft) then you are a free agent and can be picked up by any team and signed.

What year did carmelo Anthony get drafted?

Carmelo Anthony was the 3rd overall draft pick in the 2003 NBA Draft

What nba team drafted jamal magloire with the 19th overall pick in the 2000 nba draft?

Charlotte Hornets

What happens if an NBA team takes too long to make a draft pick?

they die

Who was the first pick in 2010 NBA draft and what team?

John Wall, Washington Wizards.

What year was dwanye wade a rookie in the NBA?

Dwyane Wade entered the league as the fifth pick in the 2003 NBA Draft, Wade was named to the All-Rookie team and the All-Star team the following seven seasons.

When did lebron James get drafted into the nba?

Lebron James was drafted in 2003 the first pick in the draft.

Who was the first pick in the 1961 NBA Draft?

1961: 1.Walt Bellamy, College Indiana, NBA Team Chicago

Why did an nba team buy the lakers first round draft pick for 3 million?

They wanted it.

Did Miami Heat get a draft pick in 2011 nba draft?

Yes, the Miami Heat had one draft pick in the 2011 NBA draft. They had a 2nd round draft pick. They used that pick on Bojan Bogdanovic, a forward/guard from Croatia.

What number draft pick was Dwyane Wade in the NBA draft?

He was 5th pick to the heat