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Q: What team had its inaugural season in 1977 but didn't have a winning season until 1991?
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Who was on 1971 Dallas maverick roster?

Nobody. The Mavericks' inaugural season wasn't until 1980-81.

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Why is Michigan doing it the hard way in the 2006 NCAA football season?

Michigan is undefeated this year, and will likely go undefeated until they meet Ohio State. They aren't winning big, but they are winning.

Who was the first manager of Tampa Bay Rays?

Larry Rothschild. Rothschild managed the Rays in their inaugural 1998 season and continued to manage them until he was replaced midseason by Hal McRae in 2001.

Why did people forget about Pompeii?

they didnt they didnt know about pompeii until they found it after the volcano.

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yes it didnt rain until July 2000

Who was winning the Korean war until China's intervention?


How many games did the Detroit Lions win in 2000?

The 2000 Detroit Lions had a 9-and-7 record. It was their last winning season until they went 10-and-6 in 2011 and made the playoffs.

What were the last consecutive winning seasons for the Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs had winning seasons in 2007 (85-77) and 2008 (97-64), and as of this writing, stand one win away from 2009 being their third consecutive winning season. Before 2008, the Cubs had consecutive winning seasons in 2003 (88-74) and 2004 (89-73).In the time since the MLB season expanded to 162 games in 1962, the Cubs have had one other string of consecutive winning seasons: the six years from 1967 until 1972.Source:

When did Manchester City last win a European trophy?

Manchester City won the European Cup Winners' Cup in the 1969-70 season - a year after winning the FA Cup for the fourth time - the most recent occasion until their success in the 2010-11 season.

Who was winning the war in Korea until China became?

The UN forces.

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