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Q: What team does ronaldinho play for 20212?
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What international team does ronaldinho play for?


What team did ronaldinho play for in 2002?

It was Barcelona.

What team does ronaldinho play for this year?


Did ronaldinho play for any English team?

No he has not played.

What team does ronaldinho play for fifa 12?

Flamengo, Liga do Brasil

For which team does Ronaldinho play?

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, commonly known as Ronaldinho or Ronaldinho Gaúcho, is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Italian Serie A side A.C. Milan and the Brazil national team.

Did Ronaldinho play for Manchester City?

As of 2012, Ronaldinho has played domestic league football for the following teams:GremioParis Saint-GermainBarcelonaMilanFlamengoHe is yet to play for any English team.

What team does ronaldinho play in fifa 12?

Flamengo, Liga do Brasil

What team did Ronaldinho's older brother play for?

It was a club in Brazil , may be Gremio or Flamenggo.

Does ronaldinho play on the team acmilan?

Yes he does and he also plays with other clubs.

What is the duration of Ronaldinho Gaucho's Team?

The duration of Ronaldinho Gaucho's Team is 660.0 seconds.

Did ronaldinho play in the 2010 world cup and if so what team?

Ronaldinho is not playing in 2010 fifa world cup. He was not selected in the Brazilian Squad for the world cup.