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The Goalie Martin Brodeur will be playing for the New Jersey Devils For the 2010-2011 season.

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Q: What team does Martin Brodeu play Goalie for?
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What is the name of the NJ Devils hockey goalie?

The #1 goalie on the team is Martin Brodeur. The backup goalie's name is Kevin Weekes.

Can a team play without a goalie?

Yes teams can play without a goalie. It is usually for short amount of times. I.E. not an entire game.

What team does ochoa the goalie play for?

mexico and america

Is it a foul when a player from team A passes the ball back to his own goalie and the goalie then kicks it into play?

no, the goalie can kick the ball. He cannot pick it up though.

NHL 2k9 how to pull other team goalie?

Learn to play and beat the other team fairly.

If a goalie in ice hockey is pulled can he play later in the game?

Yes. If the team pulls the starting goaltender and puts in their backup, they can later pull their backup and play their starter again. Same goes for if the team pulls the goalie for an empty net.

How many players can be on a hockey team?

im pretty sure there should be 24. But only 19 players(Including the goalie) can play on the ice in one game. there can be a backup goalie who replaces the starting goalie

What shows how many players are on a soccer team?

professional soccer team websites show their teams' lineup, showing that the older soccer teams play 10 and a goalie with only 3 allowed substitutions. as for younger teams they play 7 and a goalie with unlimited substitutions.

Who is the Philadelphia Flyers goalie for 2009?

The Flyers starting goalie is Martin Biron with Antero Nittymaki as the backup. When one of them is sick or injured, then they bring Scott Monroe up from the Phantoms, the Flyers affiliate team.

What are the requirements to be a goalie in ice hockey?

There are no "set" requirements to be a goalie, besides skill. If you don't know how to handle a goalie type situation, you won't be able to be on a team. you still need to know how to skate and be a communicative team player. You also need the obvious- equipment to protect you during play.

How many players are allowed on a ice rink?

During 5 on 5 play, 5 skaters and 1 goalie. 4 on 4 is 4 skaters and 1 goalie. The goalie of a team may be pulled for an extra skater.

During a hockey game can you have two goalies out on one team at once?

During play, only one goalie is allowed on the ice per team.

Can you run out of goalies?

A team generally dresses two goalies for every game. Some teams have a third goalie who is not dressed. I understand if both goalies should get hurt and neither can continue to play, another player on the team must dress in goalie equipment and play the rest of the game.

Does a NHL hockey goalie get a penalty when he goes outside the trapezed?

Yes, the rule was mostly brought to the nhl due to Martin Brodeur because he would always go way out and play the puck. This allows the game to be played more without the goalies just get it when the other team dumps it in. The goalie receives a 2 minute minor for this violation.

What position does Ryan Miller play?

Ryan Miller is a hockey goalie. Miller has spent his entire career with the Buffalo Sabres, and was the goalie for Team USA in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

What team does Martin Prado play for?

Atlanta Braves

What team does Ryan miller play for?

Ryan Miller plays for the Buffalo Sabres in the NHL. He is their starting goalie.

How many people play at any one time on a water polo team?

7 including the goalie

Why is the goalie the only person who can handle the ball?

this is because he has to save the ball for his team so the other team can win . when it is out of play the defenders can through the ball in.

What position does Tim thomas play on the us olympic hockey team?

He was team USA's third goalie behind Jonathan quick and Ryan miller.

How many people do you need to play water polo?

There are 13 on each team, but only 7 play at one time (One of them is the goalie). The other 6 are subs and can be substituted in for any player (except the goalie) at any time. So at one time there is 14 people in the pool, 7 from each team.

How many girls in the US play high school field hockey?

I do. I'm a defence player/ goalie for my team.

How many games does a goalie need to play to get his name on the syanley cup?

all players on the team get their names on the cup

Has a backup goalie ever come in and win after the starter has been pulled?

Yes, I had a goalie play for my lacrosse team and he got moved up to varsity because their goaliei had been injured and so our backup goalie was in the cage and we won 3 straight games

What NBA team does Cartier Martin play for?

Cartier Martin plays for the Atlanta Hawks.