What team do you use if fifa 09 manager mode?

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2011-09-13 14:04:41

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u can use any i used Liverpool

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2011-09-13 14:04:41
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Q: What team do you use if fifa 09 manager mode?
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What team should you use to play with in manager mode?

rangers from spl

In manager mode FIFA 08 when you choose a manager are those pictures of real people can I use a real manager if so how?

Yeah.. you can actually do that by Creation Master 08 (A database editor) which can make you customize each and every detail of FIFA.

How do you use FIFA 12 ultimate team for xbox on computer?

Type in on Google "FIFA ultimate team" and click on the first suggestion and that leads you to the FIFA ultimate team online web app.

In FIFA Soccer 09 for the Wii can i use my custom formations in manager mode?

no but u can fly______________________________________________________________________what do u mean "u can fly". by the way, i figured out how. the problem was i made the file before i made the formation.

Can you create a team in FIFA Soccer 09 for PS3?

No you need to use the PS3 game FIFA Soccer 10

Can you keep your ultimate team from FIFA 2009 in FIFA 2010?

Currently, work is going on for FIFA 09 Ultimate Team saves to be transferred to FIFA 10. Whether or not you need to re-purchase Ultimate Team for 10, it's unclear, but it may be possible to use 09's Ultimate Team on 10.

How do you use the word team's in a sentence?

The team's manager was hired yesterday.

How do you create a team on FIFA 07 for PSP?

you can't unless you have fifa 07 on a ps2 and you use a cable to connect the psp and ps2 together to convert your created team onto your psp.

When your computer is in Safe mode you can use the to view and change the properties of all devices attached to the computer?

Device Manager

How do you sell players for 150 coins buy now price on fifa ultimate team?

Use cheat engine.

How do I use bellowed in a sentence?

The team manager bellowed out the names of the first string, first

How do you use your own team in FIFA 09?

You Eithier go into world teams and select your created team. it should be in althabetical order so it might be further down the list than like it being how FIFA 08 was. or you have to load them up.

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