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Pittsburgh Steelers in the semi-finals. Colts 16 Steelers 20

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Q: What team did the colts loose to in the 95-96 AFC playoffs?
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Which team did the Colts NOT play during the 2006 playoffs?

San Diego

Who is the best player on the NFL team Indianapolis Colts?

Peyton Manning who played for the Indianapolis Colts from 1998-2011 is the best player to have ever been on the Colts team. Manning was a quarterback and led the team to ten straight playoffs.

How many gams can an NBA team loose in the playoffs?

4 games

What are the release dates for NFL Follow Your Team Chargers - 2007 Playoffs Week 1 Colts at Chargers Game Highlights?

NFL Follow Your Team Chargers - 2007 Playoffs Week 1 Colts at Chargers Game Highlights was released on: USA: January 2009

Which young upstart NFL team will make the playoffs?

The young upstart NFL team that is predicted may make the playoffs is the Indianapolis Colts though they have little chance of actually winning the finals.

How many games did the vikings win?

Not enough to make it to the playoffs but they had a better team than the Colts for once in history.

Why did Michael Jordan loose to Larry bird everytime they played in the playoffs?

he had a bad team

What was the only NFL team to reach the playoffs more times than the Eagles from 1998 through 2008?

Indianapolis colts

What NFL team had the best regular season and didn't make the playoffs?

Prior to the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, there were no wild card teams to make the playoffs. In 1967, the Los Angeles Rams and the Baltimore Colts tied for the Coastal Division championship with identical records of 11-1-2. The Rams made the playoffs and the Colts went home because the Colts lost the final game of the season to the Rams, 34-30, giving the Rams the tiebreaker advantage against the Colts.

What 12-4 NFL teams have missed the playoffs?

No NFL team has missed the playoffs with a 12-4 record or better; however, the San Francisco 49ers missed the playoffs at 12-2 in 1948, when they were a member of the AAFC. The Baltimore Colts in 1967 missed the playoffs at 11-1-2.

What NFL team with the best start did not make the playoffs?

1967 Baltimore Colts. Entering the 14th and final game with a 11-0-2 record against the 10-1-2 Los Angeles Rams. The Rams beat the Colts 34-10 before a nationally televised audience on CBS.The Rams were 1-0-1 against the Colts thus sending the Rams into the playoffs and sending the Colts home.

Who is a better team Cowboys or Colts?

Cowboys Colts

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