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The San Antonio Spurs beat the Detroit Pistons in the 2005 NBA finals

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Q: What team did the Spurs defeat in the 2005 NBA Finals?
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What team did the Spurs defeat in the 2007 NBA Finals?

2007 San Antonio Spurs 4-0 Cleveland Cavaliers

What team did the spurs beat in the 1999 finals?

The SPURS beated the New York Knicks.

What team beat lebron in the nba finals?

Dallas Mavericks and The San Antonio Spurs.

What team won the Scottish League Cup finals of 2005?

The team that won the Scottish League Cup finals of 2005 was Rangers.

What was Giovanni dos Santos's team in 2005?

tottenham spurs a Mexican team

Has any team went 4-0 in NBA finals?

Yes spurs 4-0 cavs

What team did lebron James play against in the finals?

The San Antonio Spurs in the 2006/2007 season. The Spurs swiped the Cavaliers 4-0 in that final.

What team was beaten in the Scottish League Cup finals of 2005?

Gretna was beaten in the Scottish League Cup finals of 2005.

Who did the Lakers defeat in the 2003 NBA finals?

As a matter of fact the Los-Angeles Lakers did not make the finals in 2003. They lost to the San Antonio Spurs that year in the Western Conference Semifinals 4 games to 2. The same Spurs went on to win the NBA championship, after defeating the New Jersey Nets 4 games to 2 in the NBA Finals. It was considered the beginning of the end for the Lakers team that dominated the league the previous three seasons, with Shaq and Bryant leading the way for their team.

Which team is better the spurs or the thunder?

The spurs are a very good and consistant team. In 2011, they were the number one ranked team in the west and second overall behind the chicago bulls. When the two teams mached up, the spurs would win the majority of the games. However, in 2012, the tides have shifted. The Oklahome City Thunder are the top team in the western division. But the spurs are number two. The last time that the two teams played, the San Antonio Spurs won. Overall, I would say that the spurs are better. If the two teams met eachother in the Confrence Finals or Semi-finals, it would be a good game. Overall I would say the Spurs are better but the thunder have the best player on the floor.

Which nba team is better spurs or rockets?

Spurs have a better team and record so the spurs

What team did the Pistons defeat in the 2004 NBA Finals to win their most recent championship?

LA Lakers

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