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Bengals, Broncos, Chargers, and Dolphins.

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Q: What team did the San Fransico 49ers won the Super Bowl against?
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When were the San Fransico 49ers in the Super Bowl?

The San Fransico 49ers have been to five (5) Super Bowls and they are 5-0 in them. They were in them in the following years;1981 for Super Bowl XVI1984 for Super Bowl XIX1988 for Super Bowl XXIII1989 for Super Bowl XXIV1994 for Super Bowl XXIX

Which teams do you think will go to the Super Bowl?

he san fransico 49ers and the Atlanta falcons

What NFL team has a 5-0 Super Bowl record?

San Fransico 49ers

Who played in Super Bowl XXIV?

The San Fransico 49ers and Denver Broncos. The 49ers won the game 55-10.

Who were the 49ers against in their first Super Bowl?

The Bengals

Does Marino have a Super Bowl ring?

No. Marino played in one Super Bowl during his career. That was Super Bowl XIX for the Dolphins against the 49ers and the 49ers won 38-16.

What team did the San Francisco 49ers beat for their first Super Bowl win?

San Fransico 49ers first superbowl apperance was also there first win against the Cincinnati Bengals January 24th 1982. It was 26 to 21

Did cris collingsworth ever win Super Bowl?

Type your answer here... No~Was on the Cincinatti Bengals team that lost to the San Fransico 49ers.

Who played against San Diego in the super bowl?

SF 49ers

How many points did the 49ers score against the broncos to set a super bowl record in Super Bowl xxiv?


Have the Bengals ever played in a Super Bowl?

Twice against the 49ers -1981 season (Super Bowl XVI) and 1988 season (Super Bowl XXIII).

How many appearances did Dan Marino make in the Super Bowl?

Dan Marino played in one Super Bowl, that being Super Bowl XIX against the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers won 38-16.

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