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Dallas Cowboys, 37-10, on December 22, 1996.

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Q: What team did the Redskins beat in their last game at RFK Stadium?
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What team did the redskins beat in their last game at RFK stadium what number did Stephen Davis wear as a redskin?


When was the last game at Three Rivers Stadium?

On December 16, 2000, the Steelers defeated the Washington Redskins 24-3. It was the last game ever played at Three Rivers Stadium.

When was the last time the lions beat the redskins at Washington?

They have never beat the Redskins in Washington.

What stadium was the redskins last home playoff game?

Through the 2008 season, the last Redskins home playoff game was January 8, 2000 and was played at FedEx Field, which had been known as Jack Kent Cooke Stadium until the naming rights were sold to FedEx in November, 1999. The Redskins defeated the Detriot Lions, 27-13.

When was the last time the Redskins beat the chiefs?

Since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, the Redskins have defeated the Chiefs only once in the regular season. That was September 18, 1983 when the Redskins won, 27-12, at RFK Stadium in Washington.

When was the last time colts beat redskins at the redskins field?

36 years ago.

What was the last time the redskins beat the cardinals?


Did the redskins beat the cowboys last night?

No, the 'Skins choked. The Dallas Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins 14-10.

Did the Dallas Cowboys win their last home game?

Yes. The Cowboys defeated the Washington Redskins, 33-30, at Cowboys Stadium.

When was the last World Series game 7 at Yankee stadium?

The last world series game 7 played at the old Yankee Stadium was in 1957 when the Milwaukee Braves beat the Yankees.

Did redskins win their last game?


When was the last time the redskins beat the packers?

October 10,2010

Did the Washington Redskins win their last game?

Sept. 9,2012 RG3 lit it up and Beat New Orleans Saints

When was the last time Detriot lions won a playoff game?

1991. They beat the Dallas Cowboys and then lost to the Washington Redskins.

When was the last time redskins went to the NFC championship?

On January 12, 1992, the Washington Redskins defeated the Detroit Lions in the NFC Championship Game, 41-10. The contest was played at RFK Stadium.

When was the last time the Detroit Lions beat the Washington Redskins?

The Lions beat the Redskins 19-14 on Sept 27, 2009 in Detroit. The Lions have never beaten the Redskins in Washington.

Who is better redskins or cowboys?

Cowboys. Because the Cowboys beat the Redskins. And it was 6-7 on the first game. The last time they met it was 17-0. And the Cowboys won both games.

When did the Washington Redskins last win a game by over forty-five points?

The Redskins have never beaten an opponent by more than 45 points in the history of the franchise. The last time they beat an opponent by exactly 45 points was during their last Super Bowl championship season. On September 1, 1991, Washington defeated the Detroit Lions, 45-0, at RFK Stadium.

When was the last time the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Washington Redskins?

It was on October 28, 2012. The Steelers won the game, 27-12.

When did Wembley Stadium close?

Germany beat England on October 7 2000, 1-0 this was the last game played at the Old Wembley stadium.

When was the last time redskins beat ravens?

in the late 1900's

When was the last time that the redskins beat the bills?

2012 pre- season da redskins won 7-6

When was the last time the redskins beat the falcons?

I believe it was wk 2 in 2003

When was the last time the redskins beat the cowboys twice in one season?

In 2005.

When was the redskins last Super Bowl?

The Washington Redskins last Super bowl was in 1991-1992 season when they beat the Buffalo Bills 37-24 on January 26