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The Buffalo Bills first Super Bowl appearance was in the 1990 season. The Bills qualified for Super Bowl XXV by beating the Miami Dolphins in the divisional round and the Los Angeles Raiders in the AFC Championship game.

Divisional Playoff 1/12/1991

Buffalo 44

Miami 34

AFC Championship Game 1/20/1991

Buffalo 51

LA Raiders 3

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2014-01-13 16:04:31
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Q: What team did the Buffalo Bills win against to get in their first Super Bowl?
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Who was the first team in history to lose 3 super bowls?

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The buffalo Bills

Which NFL team was the first to LOSE four Super Bowl games in a row?

the buffalo bills

Who was the First team to lose 4 super bowl games in consecutive seasons?

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What year did the Cowboys win the Super Bowl against the Buffalo Bills 52-17?

The year was 1992. In Super Bowl XXVII, the Dallas Cowboys beat the Buffalo Bills, 52-17. This game is memorable for Don Beebe streaking down the field to strip Leon Lett of the ball to prevent a touchdown, even though the score was already 52-17 at that point. It was the first of two straight years that the Bills and Cowboys met in the Super Bowl. For everything related to the Bills, visit

Who did the Kansas City Chiefs beat in the AFL Championship game to get to the first super bowl?

Buffalo Bills by the score of 31-7.

Who holds the record for longest field goal in super bowl history?

Steve Christie of the Buffalo Bills kicked a 54-yard field goal in the first quarter of Super Bowl XXVIII against the Dallas Cowboys. The kick tied the game 3-3, but the Cowboys eventually defeated the Bills, 30-13.

What is Scott Norwood known for?

The man Scott Norwood is known for being a National Football League kicker. He was the kicker for the Buffalo Bills and kicked for the Bills in their first two Super Bowls.

Which team did the Buffalo Bills defeat 51-3 in the 1990AFC Championship game to advance to their first Super Bowl appearance?

Oakland Raiders.

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The Seahawks open the season in Buffalo against the Bills on Sunday, September 7.

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