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Lambeau Field is the home of the Green Bay Packers.

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Q: What team's field is the Lambeau Field?
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When was Lambeau Field created?

Lambeau Field was created in 1957.

How many seats are in Lambeau Field?

Lambeau Field has a seating capacity of 73,128.

When was Lambeau field was built?

Construction started in 1955, and Lambeau Field opened in 1957. At that time it was known as New City Stadium (It was renamed Lambeau field in 1965).

How many people does Lambeau Field hold?

Currently, Lambeau Field can hold 73,128 people.

Does Lambeau field have a roof?


What is the oldest football stadium currently in use by an NFL team?

Lambeau field Correction - Soldier field opened in 1924, while Lambeau field was built in 1956. Soldier field has had a few renovations and parts rebuilt, which has caused the government to de-classify it as a landmark, and many people to not consider it as the oldest field anymore. College teams and NFL teams both have played at Fraklin Field, which is still in use by the University of Pennsylvania collegiate teams and was built in 1895.

What American football field is farthest north?

lambeau field

How did green bay get the home field name Lambeau Field?

Named for Curley Lambeau, on of the original founders of the team.

Does lambeau field have grass?


When did Lambeau Field open?


What year was Lambeau Field built?

Lambeau Field is an outdoor field that was built in 1957 for the Green Bay Packers to play in. It has seen many championship games.

How much did it cost to build Lambeau Field?

According to Wikipedia, $960,000 was used to build Lambeau Field and the rennovation cost of it was $295,000,000.

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