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In most tournaments, when a set is tied at 6 - 6 a 7 point tiebreaker is played. Players must win the tiebreak by two points.

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Q: What system is used in tennis when a set score is 6 - 6?
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What is a 6-1 tennis game called?

A 6-1 score in a tennis game is the score of a single set. There are still more set(s) to play.

What is played if the score at the end of a tennis set is tied?

a tie breaker!

What does donut mean in tennis?

donut in tennis means u have a score of 0 in a set this is reffered to as a donut

How many games do you need to win the set in tennis?

You need 6 games to win a set in tennis but you must win by 2 games. If the score is 6-4, you have won the set but if the score is 6 - 5 you will need to play another game. If the score becomes 7-5 you have won the set and if the score becomes 6-6 you play a tiebreaker.

Which term refers to a zero score in a tennis match?

The term "Love' is used in the game of tennis to refer to 0 or zero score. For example, if I were serving and had lost 2 consecutive points the score would be 0-30 or love-30. Also, at the beginnings of each set 0-0 score for both players, it can be called "love-love"

How does tennis work?

To play tennis first you have to get the equipment. You will need 1 tennis racket, some tennis balls, and if you want someone to play with you. When the ball comes towards you then you hit it. To tell the score in the beginning you say set score is 0-0 game score love-love. Then you serve. If you that ball goes out then you you say second serve. THE END

What is overtime in tennis callled?

There's technically no such thing as "overtime", since tennis matches end based on the score rather than a time limit. Extra points played at the end of a set, when the score is too close (because a player needs to win the set by at least two games), are called a tiebreaker.

What can Tennis players do if they not agree on a score?

They can appeal for instant replay of video footage upto three unsuccessful challenges per set.

Why do some tennis match scores have a superscript number next to it?

If you're referring to set scores, the superscript means that the set went to a tiebreak, and indicates the points won. E.g., a set score of 7-6 (9) means that the winner of the set won with a score of 9-7 in the tiebreak.

Where might one buy a tennis set?

One might buy a tennis set from Amazon. One can buy twelve tennis balls for $16.49. They also have table tennis sets for $18 and $24, as well as a tether tennis set for $34. Sportcraft has a tennis set including the net for $33

Which is the term used in lawn tennis?

There are many terms used in lawn tennis. Some of those words are volley, ace, baseline, break, advantage, fault, let, set, tiebreaker, return, serve, set point and receiver.

How many tennis balls are used in each set?

There is not a exact number of balls that are to be used. It can vary from 5 to 15+.

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