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The symbole is a silver fern leaf. It is a leaf of the tree fern Cyathea dealbata.

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2014-01-03 06:04:41
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Q: What symbol of New Zealand is used by several of its national sports teams?
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Is the sheep a national symbol of New Zealand?

No. While the sheep is an iconic symbol of New Zealand, it is not regarded as a national symbol. National symbols tend to be unique to a country. The small, flightless bird known as a kiwi is the national symbol of New Zealand.

What is the national symbol for New Zealand?

The kiwi is New Zealand's national bird.The silver fern is regarded as a quasi national symbol, a representative of New Zealand, which is often used to represent New Zealand in sporting events, and which is becoming increasingly recognisable overseas. It does not have an official designation as a national symbol.

Which plant is a national symbol of NZ?

The Silver fern is an unofficial national symbol of New Zealand.

The kiwi is the national symbol of?

The kiwi, a small, flightless bird, is the national symbol of New Zealand.

What plant is New Zealand's national symbol?


Is the brown kiwi New Zealand's national symbol?


How did the all blacks get their logo?

It is the silver fern, the national symbol of New Zealand

What symbol of New Zealand appears on the uniforms of the New Zealand national football team?

The silver fern appears on their uniforms.

Symbol of New Zealand?

New Zealand's national symbol is mainly the Kiwi, which is a native and rare New Zealand Bird. In sport terms, New Zealands symbol is the Silver Fern, which appears on the Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey etc. logo

Which country is the silver-fern becoming increasingly-recognized overseas as the national symbol of?

New Zealand.

What is New Zealands National Fish?

New Zealand has no official national fish. Even the kiwi, often referred to as the national bird, has no official state status as a symbol.

Why is kiwi important?

The Kiwi Bird is important because it is the native bird of New Zealand and also a national symbol .

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