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A basket ball would bounce more on concrete depending on how flat the surface if not maybe tile

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Q: What surface do basketballs bounce more on concrete grass or tile?
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How high will a basketball bounce on concrete grass and carpet?

A basketball will bounce more on concrete because it is a flatter surface then carpet and grass

What is the best surface for a basketball court between asphalt concrete grass wood and why?

asphalt has the best bounce and it doesnt make much noise

Does temperature affect the bounce of a rubber ball?

Temperature does not affect the bounce of a rubber ball. Let's say you bounce a rubber ball on the grass. The result will be different then bouncing a rubber ball on a concrete surface. The result is different because you are using a solid, hard surface to bounce the ball with. But the temperature will not affect the bounce of a rubber ball. you can test it out for youself.

Why is it better to use a pogo stick on concrete instead on grassy area?

Because the concrete will have a more steady plane surface for the pogo stick to bounce higher. Bouncing on grass will make you not jump as high up.

How do different types of surface affect the way a ball bounces?

I am assuming you are talking about tennis. On a grass surface, the ball will bounce fast. On clay courts, the ball will bounce slower than on grass. On a hard court, the speed of the ball bounce will be in between clay and grass.

Will a ball bounce higher on grass or on asphalt?

In comparison, a ball will bounce higher on asphalt than grass. The reason is that asphalt is provides a flat and stiffer surface than grass.

Why does a tennis ball not bounce that much on grass?

Because it has a soft surface.

Why does the ball fly better on concrete floor than grass?

this i9s because concrete is a flat surface and grass can be pretty rough sometimes

Why does grass affect the bounce height of a ball?

the higher the grass the higher the bounce.

What surface will a tennis ball bounce the highest?

definitely a hard court, grass courts and clay courts are slower

How do you use bounce in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.The ball will bounce higher if you drop it onto the concrete instead of the grass.Kittens bounce around chasing string.If you don't have enough money in the bank, your check will bounce.

What surface does a tennis ball lose its bounce quickest?

Grass, when playing on grass courts the ball bounces less and lower. This also means that the shots are faster and points are quicker.

Why does concrete that has been lying in the sun feel hotter than grass which has been in the same amount of sun?

The water in grass can evaporate in heat, reducing surface temperature. In addition, concrete is denser and retains heat better.

Can a tennis ball or a basketball bounce on grass?

Both balls can bounce on grass. don't believe me. try it on your own

Will a rubber ball will bounce higher on cement or grass?

It will bounce on cement because cement is hard and solid and grass is soft

Will grass make a basketball bounce?

No,of course not, the friction between the basketball and the grass would make the ball bounce less.

Does a soccer ball bounce?

yes soccer balls do bounce of course the bounce higher on tile or comcreate then grass though

How many times will a ball bounce if it is high in the air?

There are several variables in this problem. Different balls have different degrees of elasticity. And then there are different kinds of surfaces on which balls can bounce. A ball does not bounce the same way on a grass lawn that it does on a concrete floor. Also the description "high in the air" is not precise. Different heights can produce different numbers of bounces.

Why don't baseballs bounce high?

Baseballs do bounce high. The factors governing this are: A. The angle of the ball hitting the ground based on how it comes of a players bat. A "chopper" as example will bounce high if the hitter bats down on a fast ball; B. The bounce is often based on the surface onto which it is hit. The variables are the wetness of the grass, the speed from which it leaves the bat, the field surfaces, such as artificial turf or natural grass and the hardness of the infield and outfield dirt.

Which type of grass makes a soccer ball bounce higher?

turf grass

What surface is used to play tennis?

Grass or clay (but some courts are also made of asphalt)Answer:There are a variety of tennis court surfaces. The most common are grass, clay, and concrete with acrylic surfacing.grass, clay, hard (made of asphalt), wood, rubber, and carpet (mainly for indoor use)grass- more speedclay- more bouncehard- more used by populationcarpet- less bounceno rubber and woodAnswer:The most common tennis court surfaces are grass, clay, and hard (concrete). Hard surfaces are usually surfaces with additional material such as an acrylic coating for better play.

Will a soccerball go farther in concrete or grass?

Concrete. Grass will have more friction, and will slow down the ball.

What is tennis played on?

Tennis is played on a rectangular, flat surface, usually grass, clay, a hardcourt of concrete and/or asphalt and occasionally carpet (indoor).

How well can a basketball bounce on grass?


Why does a tennis ball bounce higher in hard court than grass?

because the hard court is harder so it can have more energy bounce off than soft grass