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asphalt has the best bounce and it doesnt make much noise

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Q: What is the best surface for a basketball court between asphalt concrete grass wood and why?
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What is asphalt concrete type 1 surface course and asphalt concrete type 2 intermediate course and asphalt concrete base and tack coating between courses?

can we use polypropline fibre in concrete

What Surface Is Basketball Most Frequently Played On?


What is a asphalt circuit breaker?

It is used to break concrete and asphaltsurface,

How high will a basketball bounce on concrete grass and carpet?

A basketball will bounce more on concrete because it is a flatter surface then carpet and grass

Asphalt Paving Installation?

form_title=Asphalt Paving Installation form_header=6683 How would you categorize this project?*= () Replacement of existing surface () New asphalt for existing home () New construction of home Please identify the current surface.*= {Select One,Dirt,Gravel or road base,Asphalt,Concrete} How would you best describe the area in need of asphalt?*= () "Driveway () Road () Walkway or sidewalk () Patio () Game court (tennis, basketball, etc.) () Parking Lot"

What is road pavement?

The road surface where vehicles drive. Could be asphalt, gravel/dirt, concrete, or steel.

What is pavement road?

The road surface where vehicles drive. Could be asphalt, gravel/dirt, concrete, or steel.

Why is asphalt used to make a road surface?

Asphalt is used because primarily because it is cheaper than concrete. Asphalt is also more pliable, and can expand and contract in changing weather. Concrete, however, cannot expand or contract as well, so gaps are placed periodically to ease this tension or compression. Also Asphalt creates less noise than Concrete. it helps me walk better on da ground yasss very much

Why does asphalt make a basketball bounce?

the asphault does not make the basketball bounce.when the gravity and air pressure combined hit the ground or a hard surface it changes the directional flow of energy

What is tennis played on?

Tennis is played on a rectangular, flat surface, usually grass, clay, a hardcourt of concrete and/or asphalt and occasionally carpet (indoor).

How does concrete or asphalt affect flooding?

Covering land with concrete or asphalt means that the rain cannot soak into the soil and instead flows along the surface. This reduces the lag time for the water to get into the river and can cause flooding as the river channel fills up much more quickly than before.

What is the best surface for wheelchair basketball?

a gym floor. anything rigid or rough such as concrete can damage the wheels.

What comprises an airplane runway?

A airplane runway is usually made of asphalt, although any flat surface from glacial ice, to bedrock, to concrete could work

What is the name and address of a concrete company in Ohio who can rubble lize several acres of concrete parking lot and create a base for a new 1 12 inch to 2 inch asphalt surface?

Please provide the answer to above question.

Calculate gallons of asphalt cement in a ton of asphalt?

The answer is, it depends. Different types of bituminous cement concrete (asphalt hot mix) use different percentages of asphalt cement. In Virginia, base mixes use at least 4.4% asphalt, while surface mixes are up to about 6%. Liquid asphalt is a little heavier than water; it weighs about 9.4#/gallon (depending on the source and grade). Here's the math: Base mix 2000#/ton x 4.4%/9.4#/gal. = 9.36 gal/ton surface mix 2000#/ton x 6%/9.4#/gal. = 12.76 gal/ton hope this answers the question.

Can you lay tile over asphalt under the carport?

Asphalt moves so much with shrinking and swelling it's rediculous to try. If you really want tile in your carport I suggest you lay a sheet of plastic over the asphalt and apply a layer of concrete on the plastic making sure you frame out the sides to make a solid pad. A self leveling cement like "ardex" on top of the concrete should make a nice surface for tiling. Tile over the cement and you should be fine.

How many square feet are in a basketball?

The surface area of an NBA men's official basketball is between 1.97 and 2.12 square feet.

What is the menaning of tst asphalt?

triple surface treatment

Will a ball bounce higher on grass or on asphalt?

In comparison, a ball will bounce higher on asphalt than grass. The reason is that asphalt is provides a flat and stiffer surface than grass.

Tennis Court Installation?

form_title=Tennis Court Installation form_header=11753 Which kind of sporting surface are you interested in?*= () Tennis court () Basketball court () In-line skate/hockey () Combination of courts () Putting green () Other What type of court surfacing would you prefer?*= () "Hard court (asphalt or concrete) () Soft court (clay, fast dry or grass) () Cushioned court (resilient layer over asphalt or concrete) () Portable () Interlocking tile system () Not sure"

What type of surface is roller hockey played on?

Roller hockey can be played on dry and smooth surfaces, like asphalt or concrete. There are, however, companies that produce special surfaces for this purpose, such as IceCourt or Flex Court.

Will a basketball bounce higher on a flat surface or a rocky surface?

the basketball will most likely bounce higher on a flat surface

How do you make roads?

First, a layer of gravel is laid down on the road needed. Asphalt or concrete, depending on the road being made, is laid down on the gravel. This creates a strong road surface. After it is laid down, a road roller flattens the surface to make it comfortable.

What is the surface for drag racing cars?

The "car bodies"? professional class are made of carbon fiber. Slower classes can be fiberglass, aluminum or steel. The "racing surface"? is usually a concrete "launch pad", staging area up to 60/100ft down the track, the rest is usually asphalt to save money. Some tracks are completely concrete, but this is rare.

What is the problem if use the wearing course in the place of binder course?

Asphalt binder course is an intermediate course between a base course and an asphalt surface course. The binder course is usually a coarse-graded aggregate Asphalt Concrete containing little or no mineral matter passing through a No. 200 sieve. The surface course is one or more layers of a pavement structure designed to accommodate the traffic load, the top layer of which resists skidding, traffic abrasion, and the disintegrating effects of climate. The top layer is sometimes called the wearing course. This course is very fine in gradient compared to binder.