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Hard Court surfaces are the the most bouncy.

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Q: What surface creates the biggest bounce for a tennis ball?
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How does a surface effect how high a tennis ball will bounce?

if it is rough it will bounce lower and it is smooth it will bounce higher

Would a tennis ball bounce high on a soft surface?


What surface makes a tennis ball bounce higher?


How fast does a tennis ball lose its bounce?

Depends what surface your bouncing it on

Why does a tennis ball not bounce that much on grass?

Because it has a soft surface.

Does the surface of the ground effect how high a tennis ball will bounce?

A softer ground, such as clay, will decrease the bounce of a tennis ball, a harder ground, such as concrete, will make the ball bounce higher.

How can you affect the bounce of a tennis ball Can you change the surface?

put tape around the perimiter of it.

How does the environment affect tennis courts?

Just as it affects people, the environment may affect the tennis courts. Regardless of the surface: If it is too cold or dry, the surface will tend to be harder and the tennis balls will bounce higher and faster; if it is too hot or humid, the surface will tend to be softer and the tennis balls will bounce lower and slower. The same is true for the ability of the tennis player to run on that surface during those conditions.

Can a tennis ball bounce higher then a basketball?

Yes, provided that we bounce the tennis ball with enough force. Newton's laws of motions comes into play, stating that each force creates an equal and opposite reaction.

Will a hot tennis ball bounce higher than a cold tennis ball?

In theory, yes, however the largest effect of the temperature will be on the court. The hotter the surface is, the higher the ball will bounce.

Why can't a wet tennis ball bounce?

Tennis balls are porous, and will allow water to seep in. The water adds too much weight to the tennis ball, causing it to be too heavy to bounce, in addition to ruining the outer surface of the tennis ball.

What will happen if the ball lands on a tennis court?

it will bounce higher other than any surface.

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