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Leather is used for the cue tip, and pool chalk is used to provide more friction against the cue ball. Pool chalk is an abrasive using materials found in sandpaper. It is not a form of chalk.

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Q: What substance is used on the end of a pool cue?
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In pool may either end of cue be used?

No. If any part of the cue except the tip moves the cue ball it is a foul.

What does drake mean by bet he felt that like the end of a pool cue?

i thought it had something to do with the blood crib line before, end of a pool cue is blue... Edit By Blackjakal: I actually made an account for this. Drake used the word "felt" as a double meaning. The end of a pool cue is made from a felt material. So he "felt" that line, like the end of a pool cue. Get it? :)

What substance is but on the end of the cue when playing billiards?


What substance do you put on the end of a cue in billiards?


What substance is the put on the end of the cue when playing billiards?

it is chalk

What substance is put on the end of the cue when playing billards?


How do you spell poiculsticks?

It looks like you may be trying to spell pool cue sticks.You use pool cues to play a game of pool, similar to snooker. You do not need the word "sticks" at the end. A pool cue is what it is called.

What is put on the end of cue when playing billiards?

A pad, known as a cue tip, is glued to the narrow end (tip) of the cue. A small block of cue chalk is rubbed on the pad to prevent the cue tip sliding off the billiard/snooker/pool balls.

Can you use either end of a pool cue to make a shot?

No, you can't use either side.

What is the name of the tip of a conductors baton?

The Ferrule, this term also used for the(Business end) of a Pool cue stick, I guess the terminology would be similar.

What substance is put on the end of the cue when playing billiards?

Billiard chalk. It comes in many colours.It is referred to as pool chalk, but is actually an abrasive to scuff up the leather tip that is not related to chalk.

Can either end of cue be used?

No. Rules published by BCA are very specific. The cue ball must be struck with the leather tip of the cue.

What is a good pool cue for under 30. I am looking for a 2 piece cue with a 12mm screw on tip around 19-21 ounces. It doesnt have to be a professional stick just a nice one to use for recreational use?

Pool cues are typically 13mm, and you will not find a 12mm except for the more expensive cues. The best choice is a good used cue, but you can look for a low end new cue such as Viking or Adams.

Where is a good place to buy a pool cue in Reading?

The best choices will be online on the internet. There is only one location in Reading, PA that specializes in pool and billiards to buy a pool cue. However, the major department stores and sporting goods stores also sell pool cues, but only the lowest end products will be found there.

What substance is put on the end of the cue when playing billiard?

It is called pool chalk. However, it is not chalk at all, but more is a material identical to what can be found in some "sandpaper". It's purpose is to roughen up the leather tip to increase friction.

Can you hit backwards on 8 ball pool?

Yes, and having the cue ball spin backwards is called draw. It is one of the most important early skills to learn for shooting pool. This is done by striking the cue ball slightly below center and accelerating the cue as you stroke through the cue ball. With practice a draw stroke can easily go 2 full table lengths including the bank at one end.

Where can you get your cue weighted?

Most cues are made to be adjustable. The weight bolts are changed, added, or removed as needed from the butt end of the cue. Remove the rubber bumper from the butt end of the cue. If there is a weight well, then your cue is adjustable. If there is no weight well, then I would recommend you have a cue maker or cue repairman determine if your cue can be made adjustable.

Do you still win in pool if the white and black ball goes in at the end?

No, if you scratch (knock in the cue ball) at the same time as the 8-ball, that's an automatic loss.

How does cue for treason end?

idiot search it your self

What is the thick end of a snooker cue called?

The butt.

How do I Pick a pool cue?

The same way you pick your shoes, pants, and underwear (no joke). You pick a cue that suits you in weight, length, tip size and composition. Some will tout different brands, sizes and weights but in the end it is personal choice to what you like and feel good shooting with.

What is put on end of cue when playing billiards?

Billiard chalk.

What are cue tips?

The tip of the cue is provided with a multi-layered leather tip on its end that allows better contact with the cue ball. Without a properly maintained cue tip, a player cannot have proper cue ball control, one of the most important features of the game.

What is the end of a pool cue made of?

The end that you use to hit the que ball with generally has a thin layer if cork glued onto it. This is subsequently dressed with a chalk product. The other end usually has a rubber piece attached to it to keeep the que stick from being damaged ( splitting of wood for instance ) when it comes in contact with the floor between shots. Almost all modern day pool cue tips are made of some type of leather. The lower cost tips are pressed together and the upper end tips are laminated. Many different types of leather are used including water buffalo, pig skin, and elk to name a few.

What is A snooker cue end called?

A tip, usually made from leather.