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California Florida New york Texas Pennsylvania

this answer is wrong


Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Missouri all have two teams each. California, Florida, and New York have three each.

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Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania all have 2 teams (so does Maryland if you count the Redskins... they actually play their games in a stadium in Landover). California, Florida, and New York all have 3 teams.

The above answer is incorrect. I have to make a couple of assumptions to answer this question. First, I'm assuming that, by "state", you mean the physical location of the stadium in which they play their home games, rather than the state or city they claim in their name (thus the Giants and Jets would both be in New Jersey, rather than New York, like their names suggest). Second, I'm assuming you want only those States with EXACTLY 2 teams, not those with 3 or more (like California and Florida). New Jersey (Giants and Jets)

Maryland (Ravens and Redskins)

Pennsylvania (Steelers and Eagles)

Texas (Cowboys and Texans)

Missouri (Chiefs and Rams)

Ohio (Bengals and Browns) The answer is 6. If, instead, you look at the city or state in the team's name, New Jersey would fall off this list, because both of their teams would go to New York, but New York would then have 3 (including the Bills), and therefore would not make the list either. Maryland would also fall off the list because the Redskins would go to Washington DC. So, you are left with only 4 - Pennsylvania, Texas, Missouri, and Ohio (with California, Florida, and New York having 3 each). Not that it matters for the purposes of this question, but the Panthers and Patriots cannot be assigned to any single state based on their names. The Panthers represent BOTH the Carolinas and the Patriots represent ALL the New England States. Again, it doesn't matter, because none of the states involved here would have more than 1 team, regardless of how you slice it up. But I bring it up to show the problem with using the team's name to assign it to a state. If every team MUST be "in" a State, then the latter method of assigning States utterly fails to assign a State to these two teams, and therefore must be rejected in favor of the former method, which assigns States by the location of their home stadiums. And therefore, I stand by my first answer - Six (6) States have exactly two (2) NFL teams. Note: Not only are the Giants and Jets located in the same State, they also share the same stadium - Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

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Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Missouri all have two teams each. California, Florida and New York have three each.

Maryland and New Jersey both have two teams. New York only has one, two of New York teams play in Jersey and Redskins play in Maryland.

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California has 3: Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, and San Diego Chargers.

New York has 3: NY Giants, NY Jets, and Buffalo Bills.

Florida has 3: Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Texas has 2: Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans.

Pennsylvania has 2: Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ohio has 2: Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns.

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California - Chargers, 49ers and Raiders

Seven states have 2 or more NFL teams...

Florida - Buccaneers, Dolphins and Jaguars

Maryland - Ravens and Redskins

Missouri - Chiefs and Rams

New York - Bills, Giants and Jets

Ohio - Bengals and Browns

Pennsylvania - Eagles and Steelers

Texas - Cowboys and Texans

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The following states have two (or more) NFL franchises:

California (3)

  • Oakland Raiders
  • San Diego Chargers
  • San Francisco 49ers

Florida (3)

New Jersey (2)

  • New York Giants
  • New York Jets

Missouri (2)

  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • St. Louis Rams

Ohio (2)

Pennsylvania (2)

Texas (2)

  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Houston Texans
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Q: What states have two professional football teams?
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