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Q: What state would you be in if you to a home game of the Pittsburgh Pirates?
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What state would you be in if you saw a home baseball game of the Philadelphia Phillies or the Pittsburgh Pirates?


What state will you be in if you went to a home game of the Pittsburgh Pirates?

You'd be in Pennsylvania

What states would you be in if you went to a home game of the Pittsburgh Pirates?


What things are there to do in Pittsburgh?

Go to a Pittsburgh Pirates game.

What is the game by game Pittsburgh Pirates attendance?

Click on the '2007 Pittsburgh Pirates' link on this page to see a game by game breakdown of attendance for games played by the Pirates both home and away.

Where do the Pittsburgh Pirates opponents stay when in Pittsburgh?

At a hotel to discuss the game plan.

How many players were on the Pittsburgh Pirates football team in their first season?

---- There were 33 players that played in at least one game for the 1933 Pittsburgh Pirates. Click on the '1933 Pittsburgh Pirates Roster' to see who they were along with relevant statistics.

Which athletes played in the 1979 World Series?

The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Baltimore Orioles played in the 1979 World Series, the Pittsburgh Pirates ended out winning the game.

When was the first World Series game played at night?

First ever World Series Night Game, was Game 4 October 1971. Baltimore Orioles vs Pittsburgh Pirates @ Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. The Pirates won the game, 4-3.

What year did Ralph Kiner join Pittsburgh Pirates?

Ralph Kiner's first game for the Pirates was April 16, 1946.

Who beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 23-2 in1933?

New York Giants at Forbes Field beat the Pittsburgh Pirates (Steelers now) in there debut game. The following week the Pirates would win 14-13 victory at Forbes over the Chicago Cardinals.

What teams were in the World Series in 1979?

Pittsburgh Pirates and Baltimore Orioles. Pirates became world champions by winning game 7 and coming back from a 3 game to one game deficit.

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