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The first ski lift was built in Schwarzwald in Germany.

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Q: What state made the first ski tow?
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Woodstock Vermont off of US rout 12

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A ski biscuit is a type of inflatable ring. You tow the ski biscuit behind the boat, sit on the ski....(basically like waterskiing!)

Can a 650 cc jet ski tow a wakeboard?

what does the cc mean for pwc

When is it illegal to tow a water ski er?

Depends on the area in which you are water skiing. But all bodies of water make it illegal to ski when in the "No Wake Zone."

What are ski tubes conventionally used for?

Ski tubes are used in water sports especially water skiing. They are used to tow people from the back of the boat and one places their feet onto the ski tubes.

What are the tools used for water skiing sport?

- water ski(s)...obviously -tow rope -boat -boat driver and spotter -life jacket -(optional) ski gloves

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The Geo Metro is not rated to tow. It would be very unsafe to do so. they are not supposed to according to the manual but i have towed a large jet ski (yamaha 1200) thousands of miles with no trouble at all

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