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Houston, Texas

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Q: What state is the Rockets NBA team located?
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Where are the rockets in the NBA located?


Which NBA team won the NBA chapmionships in 1995?

Houston Rockets

What NBA team does Robert Covington play for?

NBA player Robert Covington played for Tennessee State.

Who the best NBA team?

the Houston Rockets are the best team in the league

What NBA Team does Dikembe Mutombo play for?

Houston Rockets

What nba team does Kevin mchale coach?

Hecoaches for the Houston Rockets

Which basketball team won the nba final in 1995?

The Houston Rockets

What nba team does Tracy mcgrady play for?

The Houston Rockets. Answered by:Devin Taylor Canty

What NBA team is located in Alaska?

Alaska doesn't have an NBA team.

What team did the Houston Rockets beat in the 1994 NBA Finals?

The New York Knicks

What NBA team does Terrence Jones play for?

Terrence Jones plays for the Houston Rockets.

What NBA team does Alessandro Gentile play for?

Alessandro Gentile plays for the Houston Rockets.