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Texas had the most this year

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Q: What state has the most college teams in the ncaa basketball tournament?
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How many college basketball teams are eligible for the ncaa tournament?

64 teams

What does bubble teams in college basketball mean?

Teams that are on the verge of being in or out of the NCAA tournament.

How many teams are from the state of Ohio in the NCAA basketball tournament?


How many teams played in the first ncaa tournament?

The original NCAA Division 1 College Basketball Tournament 1939 field consisted of 8 teams.

What does Sweet 16 mean in college basketball?

The last 16 teams in the tournament to decide the championship.

Which state has more college basketball teams?


Which NCAA college basketball teams have the most NCAA tournament wins?


When did the NCAA men's basketball tournament go to 64 teams?

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament went to 64 teams in 1985.

What is the college for California in the March Madness tournament?

There is no "college for California" per se, as tournament teams are not selected by state. In 2013, California was represented in the tournament by California, San Diego State and UCLA.

How many college basketball teams make the NCAA touurnament?

Over the years the NCAA tournament has expanded to include more and more teams. Today, the total number of teams that make the tournament stands at 68.

How many teams played in the 2000 NCAA tournament?

In 2000 there were 64 teams that played in the Division I basketball tournament.

How many teams were in the NCAA basketball tournament in 1984?

There were 53 teams in the 1984 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship (5 play-in games before the tournament).

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