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Q: What state has produced the most Super Bowl winning quarterbacks?
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How many Super Bowl quarterbacks has the Ohio State University produced?

Through Super Bowl XLII, no quarterback from Ohio State has started a Super Bowl game.

What state has produced the greatest quarterbacks?


What state has produced the most nfl quarterbacks?


How many Super Bowl quarterbacks has the Louisiana State University produced?

Just one. David Woodley went with the 83 Dolphins, but lost to Washington.

How many quarterbacks from Penn State have played in the Super Bowl?


What state has the most winning Super Bowl qbs?

Pennsylvania .

Which college has produced more NFL Starting quarterbacks super bowl winners?

Twenty four quarterbacks have won the 43 quarterback Super Bowls. Of these 24 quarterbacks, The University of Alabama has produced the most Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. Breakdown of Colleges of Super Bowl winning Quarterbacks: University of Alabama Bart Starr Joe Namath Ken Stabler Purdue Len Dawson Bob Greise BYU Jim McMahon Steve Young Notre Dame Joe Montana Joe Theismann Stanford Jim Plunkett John Elway University of Louisville Johnny Unitas USNA Roger Staubach Louisana Tech University Terry Bradshaw Morehead State Phil Simms Grabling State Doug Williams Penn State & West Virginia Jeff Hostetler Washington St Mark Rypien UCLA Troy Aikman Southern Mississippi Brett Favre Northern Iowa Kurt Warner Fresno State Trent Dilfer University of Michigan Tom Brady Florida State Brad Johnson Miami University {Ohio} Ben Roethlisberger University of Tennessee Peyton Manning Mississippi {Ole Miss} Eli Manning

What college did Phil simms of the super bowl winning giants attend?

morehead state

How many former Kansas State football player have played in a super bowl?

15 former K-State players have been to super bowls, with 8 of them on the winning team.

How many Super Bowl champions has Fresno State produced?

0. Fresno State is not an NLF team so they can't win a Super Bowl.

How many Michigan quarterbacks have won Super Bowls?

Only 1 Michigan State graduate has started as a quarterback in the Super Bowl. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is the sole person to hold this honor, but he has played in 4 Super Bowls. He started in Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXVIX, and XLII.

What Ohio state quarterbacks have played in the NFL?

Terrelle Pyror is a former Ohio State quarterback that is playing in the NF. Troy Smith and Joe Germaine are also former Ohio State quarterbacks that played in the NFL.

What State has put out the most NFL Quarterbacks?


Which Super Bowl winning coach won 7 NJ state football championship and one nj basketball championship?

charlie weis

How many Ohio state quarterbacks played in the nfl?


List Former Florida State Seminoles Quarterbacks?

A list of former Florida State Seminoles quarterbacks includes James Winston, Chris Weinke, and Charlie Ward. All are Heisman Trophy winners.

Name the quarterbacks for the 1995 Florida state seminoles?

Danny Kanell

Are the odds of winning better at a casino or the state lotteries?

winning at the casino

What is First State Super's motto?

The motto of First State Super is 'Your super. Your future'.

Who is super state hero of Washington state?

who is the super state hero of Washington

Do the wives of super bowl winners get rings too?

Only the players, coaches, owners and staff of the winning team get Super Bowl rings. Oh and certain Heads of State <cough Putin cough> get them too.

How many Ohio State quarterbacks are in the NFL?

One (Troy Smith- Baltimore Ravens)

Penn State beat Miami in football?

As of the 2008 season, Penn State and Miami have met 13 times with Penn State winning 7 and Miami winning 6.

What college produced the most super bowl winning coaches?

Dayton (Noll & Gruden), San Jose State (Walsh & Vermeil), Arkansas (Johnson & Switzer), Eastern Illinois (Shanahan & Payton), Miami-Ohio (Ewbank & Harbaugh), and Pacific (Flores & Carroll).

Who was the super state hero for Kansas?

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