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Q: What State has put out the most NFL Quarterbacks?
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How many quarterbacks has Michigan put in the NFL?

I don't the total of U-M's NFL quarterbacks, but I believe there was a record of 7 (seven) U-M quarterbacks that started the same weekend in the NFL: Jim Harbaugh, Todd Collins, Brian Griese, Scott Driesbach, Elvis Grbac, Todd Collins, and Tom Brady Is that right?

What state has the most successful quarterback's in the national football league?

I meant to put in NFL history

What school has put the most first round NFL draft picks in the history of college football?

Ohio state

What college has had the most running backs in the nfl?

which college has put the most running backs in the nfl

In the NFL is it legal to alternate between two quarterbacks throughout the game?

Yes. As long as a player has not been disqualified from the game, a coach may put him in the game at his own discretion.

What hand does quarterbacks throw the most?

most quarterbacks throw with there right hand the most, like adrian baugh that goes to lamar high school the greatest quarterback alive. ps. coach green needs to put me at quarterback im to live not to be playing

What college has put more players in the NFL Michigan or Ohio State?

According to Pro Football Reference, Ohio State has had 366 players on NFL rosters and Michigan has had 323.

Which college football division has put the most players in the nfl?

big 10

What college has put most players in NFL in last 5 years?


What conference has put the most players in the nfl in the last 10 years?


What NCAA football coach has put the most linebackers into the NFL?

Joe paterno and Jim Harbaugh

Do NFL quarterbacks have microphones?

Yes they do but only if the coach wants him to have it for a specific reason. Like if he's not the already quarterback who can't remember the plays. Yeah yeah if he wasn't that smart then why would the coach put him as QB. He might be the best dang QB in the world.

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