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The state Minnesota.

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Q: What state has a baseball team named after the twin cities Minneapolis and St. Paul?
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The cities of Minneapolis and saint paul are found in this state?

Minneapolis and Saint Paul are cities in Minnesota.

Minneapolis and Saint Paul are found in this state?

Minneapolis and Saint Paul are cities in Minnesota.

What state is the twin cities in?

Minneapolis / St. Paul (The Twin Cities) is in Minnesota.

What state is Minneapolis in?

Minnesota. Minneapolis along with St. Paul make up Minnesota's twin cities.

What baseball team used to be named after a state?

The Boston Massachusettsians. No, just kidding. In 1957 the Little Rock Travelers renamed themselves the Arkansas Travelers, and claim to be the first sports team to take the name of their state. Naturally they're now affiliated with the Mickey Mouse organization formerly known as the California Angels, who abandoned their state name and are now named after two different cities. The Travelers play in a league named after a state (and not, as some suspect, a bloop single). There were already two baseball teams that had state names: The New York Yankees and the Washington Senators. But the Yankees were presumably named not for the state, but for the city so nice they named it twice. The Senators were named for Washington D.C. and not Washington state -- though there was once a great quote by a Washington Redskins player about how proud he was to represent the great state of Washington. The Senators actually did become the first Major League Baseball team to claim a state name when they became the Minnesota Twins in 1961. The Twins took the state name because they were named after the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and the Minneapolis Twins of St. Paul would have sounded almost as ludicrous as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim would sound forty years later.

The cities of minneapolis and saint paul are found in what state?


What state has the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis?

Both cities are in Minnesota.

Why might people be confused about the capital of Minnesota?

The capital of Minnesota is St Paul, which is next to the largest city in Minnesota, Minneapolis. Together, the cities are called the Twin Cities.It may be because the city named after the state (Minneapolis) is not the capital, but it is immediately adjacent to the capital, which is St. Paul, so that they are called the Twin Cities.

What state has two cities that are twins?

Minnesota. "The Twin Cities" (Minneapolis, MN & St. Paul, MN)

What states have cities named Minneapolis?

Minnesota, Kansas, and North Carolina.Minneapolis, Minnesota is the largest city in the US state of Minnesota. The city lies on both banks of the Mississippi River, just north of the river's confluence with the Minnesota River, and adjoins Saint Paul, the state's capital. Known as the Twin Cities, these two form the core of Minneapolis-St. Paul, the sixteenth-largest metropolitan area in the United States, with 3.5 million residents. The US Census Bureau estimated that Minneapolis MN had a population itself of 377,392 in 2007. Minneapolis, Kansas has a population of 1,985.Minneapolis, North Carolina is a small community with a population of 11,248.

What state is twin city?

The twin cities are Minneapolis and St. Paul, which are located in Minnesota.

What cities are known as the twin cities?

There are different twin cities in many different countries. In the United States, the two cities that are referred to as the Twin-Cities are Minneapolis and Saint Paul in the state Minnesota.

What state has two city names that are minneapolis and St. Paul which are called twin cities?


How did the Twin Cities get their name?

It is nicknamed The Twin Cities for its two largest cities, Minneapolis and Saint Paul, the former the larger and the latter the state capital.

Which state is Minneapolis in?

Minneapolis is in the state of Minnesota.

What two states have citys named Kansas City?

The two state who have cities named Kansas City are Missouri and Kansas. The cities are separated by a ten mile state border.

What states have cities named Fargo?

The only State with a City named Fargo is North Dakota.Fargo is the state's largest city.

What state contains the cities named Tupleo and Biloxi?


How many state in the US have cities named Columbia?


Which state capital has a twin city on the other side of the Mississippi River?

St. Paul MN is on the east (north) side of the river, and Minneapolis is mostly on the west side. They are called the Twin Cities, but Minneapolis is larger.

Which two states have cities named Kansas City?

Missouri and Kansas both have cities named Kansas City.

What is the state that has the city Vermont in it?

There are cities named Vermont in the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. There are also cities named Vermont in Australia and South Africa.

Why is Minneapolis state capital?

Minneapolis is not a state capital. The capital of Minnesota is Saint Paul.

How many things are named Florida?

There are a number of things named Florida, including state, cities, towns, etc.

How many states have cities named after them in there state?

The question should be: How many states have cities named after them in THEIR state? (If it is worded in this manner.) Or better yet: How many states also have a city with a matching name, such as Kansas City, Kansas?