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Ohio. The Cincinnati Reds are recognized as the first all professional Baseball team.

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Q: What state did the first professional baseball team begin and what team is it?
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Which state had the 1st professional baseball team?

Ohio, in Cincinatti

What state has baseball teams?

Every state has some sort of baseball team such as professional, college, high school and little league.

What is The name of Minnesota's baseball team?

The Minnesota Thunder are the state's professional soccer team.

When did Ohio state football begin?

1890 was Ohio State's first football season.

What professional sports teams do not begin with a city state or province?

New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, Golden State Warriors, Carolina Hurricanes

In what city state and year did little league baseball begin?

Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 2001.

Which team is the first professional sport in state of Florida?

The Miami Dolphins.

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New York, with I believe 45 between baseball basketball football and hockey

What state was the first baseball series in?

i do not know ........................................sorry

What is the name of the professional baseball team that comes from the state were the the grand canyon and a very poisonous rattlesnake can be found?

diamond back