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its LeBron James* and he graduated from st. Vincent st.Mary in Akron Ohio

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Q: What state did LeBron James grauate high school?
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Which college was LeBron James considering?

Lebron James considered both Notre Dame and Ohio State

Which state has the most badgers?

LeBron James.

Did LeBron James's high school team win the state championship when he was a freshman?

um. im beleivingthis is true

Which Ohio state buckeye players are in the NBA?

lebron james

What did LeBron James study in high school?

LeBron James is known as one of the best professional basketball players in the US. His education consisted of a high school diploma. He was drafted out of high school and never attended college.

Which collage did LeBron James attend?

LeBron James never went to college. As soon as he graduated from St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio, he was put in the 2003 NBA draft where he was the first overall pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Which colleges recruited LeBron James for basketball?

Ohio state that's all i know

Who is the other guy in state farm commercial with LeBron James?

Aldis Hodge from Leverage

What Year and What State was LeBron James born in?

1984 and Ohio

Was Lebron James an all-state football player in Ohio?

Yes, he was, it was in a cavaliers game they showed clips. Search it on youtube, you can see lebron play.

If jesus is paying Lebron are you paying Dwyane Wade?

yes we are paying Dwayne wade we aare also paying lebron James too!!!!!!!!! EMPIRE STATE OF MIND!!!!!!

How did LeBron James find his way into his career?

LeBron James was known as the best basketball player in the state. Who wouldn't want him on their team? He had scouts at almost all of his games and people in other states and counties even traveled and cheered on LeBron and his amazing team ( the fab five ) at his games!