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Q: What star sign is valerie vili?
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What year did Valerie Vili marry Bertrand Vili?

Valerie Vili married Bertrand Vili in 2001.

Is Valerie Vili married?

Valerie Vili is divorced she is now Valerie Adams

What day was Valerie Vili born?

Valerie Vili was born on October 6th in 1984.

What are facts about valerie vili?

She is married to Bertrand Vili

What is valerie Adams full name?

Valerie Kasanita Adams , known as Valerie Vili during her marriage to Bertrand Vili.

What are valerie vili's hobbies?

Valerie Vili nee Adams hobbies are binding with family, going out with friends, and teaching kids.

Who inspired valerie vili?

Her mother (:

Did Valerie Vili have a coach?

Yes She Did

Is Valerie Vili a New Zealand or Samoa?

Valerie Vili was born in Rotorua, New Zealand. Her mother is Tongan and her father is Scottish.

What valerie vili get in the 2004 Olympics?

Valerie Vili finished in 8th place at the 2004 Games in Athens with a shot of 18.56 meters.

Who is the current shot put World Champion?

Mens: Christian Cantwell Womens: Valerie Vili

Who is Kirsten Hellier?

She is Valerie Vili Coach