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Camp nou

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Q: What stadiums are bigger than Croke Park?
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Is Europa park bigger than Holiday park?

no Holiday park is bigger

Are Cricket stadiums more bigger than baseball stadiums?

no way if you go to a cricket staduim its a little bit smaller then a baseball staduim

How far from Royal Hotel Bray to Croke Park?

About 23 kilometres or 14 miles. The best way is to get the rail service known as the DART from Bray to Connolly Station, which leaves less than a 10 minute walk to Croke Park.

Is Emirates Stadium the 2nd largest stadium in the world?

The Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal Football Club, is not the 2nd largest stadium in the world. There are many stadiums in the world much bigger than it and there are stadiums in England that are bigger than it.

What sport facility does Ireland have more than any other country?

Gaelic Football and Hurling pitches. Gaelic Football and Hurling are the two national sports of Ireland. There are many stadiums and smaller grounds around Ireland. There are over 2,500 clubs in Ireland. Croke Park is the largest of these, having a capacity of 82,300 people, making it one of the largest sports stadiums in Europe.

What two british stadiums are bigger than the 2012 olympic stadium?

Wembly and something else

How many more stadiums in Europe are bigger than the stade de France?

as many as you want!!

Is a dome bigger than a stadium?

a dome is smaller because baseball stadiums are 300ft on field

Is there a park bigger than a country?

Yes. For example, Central Park is bigger than Monaco, a country in Europe. Theres your answer.

Is centennial park bigger than Central Park?


How far is croke park from dublins customs house?

They are very close, only about a mile from each other, which is less than 2 kilometres.

Is Six Flags bigger than dorney park?

Six Flags Is Larger Than Dorney Park :)

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