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stadio azteca

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Q: What stadium is the final of the football world cup 2010 being played in?
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Where's euro 2008 football final being played In what stadium?

The final will be June 29 at Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna, Austria.

Where is the world cup final being played at?

Soccer City Stadium

Blue square premier football final on 8th of may where is the game being played at?

The 2009 final takes place at 16.00 Sunday 17th May at Wembley Stadium according to this site:

Name the football stadium which will host the final of the FIFA WC 2010?

Soccer city stadium, Johannesburg

Which stadium is the hurling final played in Ireland?

The All-Ireland Hurling Final is played in Croke Park in Dublin, which is the largest stadium in Ireland. It has been played there for many decades, with the only modern exception being 1984. This was the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Gaelic Athletic Association, who govern Hurling and other sports. The final was played in Thurles, where it was founded, and where Semple Stadium, the second largest stadium for Gaelic Games, is to be found.

Which football stadium will host the champions league final?

Stadio Olimpico in Rome

Where is the FA Cup final played?

Wembley Stadium

What is the stadium in which the final will be played in 2010 World Cup?

Soccer city stadium, Johannesburg

Who is the tenant of Beijing National Stadium?

The tenant of Beijing National Stadium is 2008 Olympic men's football tournament final.

Where was the 1966 football world cup final held?

Wembley Stadium, London, England

Where was the 1983 rugby league final played?

ANZ stadium

Where will the final match be played?

Soccer city stadium, Johannesburg

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