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I have been informed that Firhill Stadium, Glasgow, hosted the first European tie involving a Scottish football team. Can anyone confirm this?

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Q: What stadium hosted the first European soccer game played in Scotland?
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The main sport which is played at the Jubilee Oval is rugby league football. It is a multipurpose stadium which has also hosted soccer matches.

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At the Estadio Nacional Stadium in Oeiras, Portugal

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Wales officially hosted the 1999 tournament and the final was played in Cardff but other matches were played in Scotland, Ireland, France and England.

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England played three international matches on Stamford Bridge in early 20th century. The last one was played in 1932.

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Is the Rugby World Cup being played just in France?

No, additional venues include: * The Millenium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales * Murrayfield, Edinburgh, Scotland

What year did man utd first win the European cup?

1968... Manchester United beat Benfica in the European Cup Final played at Wembley Stadium (London, UK)

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