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During the 1960's, the New England Patriots (then known as the Boston Patriots) played at the following stadiums: 1960-1962: Nickerson Field, aka Boston University Field. It should be noted that in 1960 the Patriots played some preseason home games at Harvard University. 1963- 1968: Fenway Park (Yes, that Fenway Park) 1969: Alumni Stadium (Boston College)

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Q: What stadium did the New England Patriots play in during the 1960's?
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No. RFK Stadium is in Washington DC. The Patriots Played at Nickerson Field, Fenway Park, Alumni Stadium and Harvard Stadium during the 1960's.

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In the 1960s they played in Boston at Nickerson Field, Harvard Stadium, Fenway Park, and Alumni Stadium. In 1970, they moved to Foxborough, they tried to change their name to "Bay State Patriots", but the name was changed after one month, so they called themselves the New England Patriots. They have always played for New England, in Boston.

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