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In the 1960s they played in Boston at Nickerson Field, Harvard Stadium, Fenway Park, and Alumni Stadium. In 1970, they moved to Foxborough, they tried to change their name to "Bay State Patriots", but the name was changed after one month, so they called themselves the New England Patriots. They have always played for New England, in Boston.

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Q: Where were the New England Patriots located before playing for New England?
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Where were the Patriots located before playing in New England?


What Was The Patriots Location Before New England?

The New England Patriots have always been located in New England, more specifically in Massachusetts. The team was established in 1959 as the Boston Patriots and they played in stadiums in the Boston area. In 1971 the team moved to a new stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The team name was then changed to the New England Patriots.

What were the New England Patriots called before they were New England?

They were known as the Boston Patriots from 1960-1970. They changed their name in February 1971 to the Bay State Patriots but changed it in March 1971 to New England Patriots.

Who did Tom Brady play for before the New England Patriots?

He has only ever played for the Patriots. Before that, he played college football for the Michigan Wolverines

Who was the New England Patriots quarterback before Tom Brady?

Drew Bledsoe was the Patriots starting quarterback prior to Tom Brady.

Who was the New England Patriots QB before 2002?

Drew Bledsoe

How did the Patriots get their name New England?

The Patriots moved to Foxboro Ma after the 1970 season. Before the move they were known as the Boston Patriots. After moving out of Boston proper to the suburbs the owners of the Patriots decided to change the name to the New England Patriots in order to try to grow their fan base in the New England Region instead of just concentrating on the fan base in Boston.

What team did Michael Oher play for before Baltimore?

New England Patriots

Who owned the New England Patriots before Robert Kraft?

James Orthwein.

Who was the quarterback for the New England Patriots before Tom Brady?

Drew Bledsoe

Have the Saints ever beat the Patriots?

Thru week 12 of the 2009 NFL season, the New Orleans Saints are 4-8 lifetime against the New England Patriots. The Patriots won five straight before the Saints won three straight; New England then won three straight before New Orleans' 2009 win.

Lee Saltz played for the New England?

He has played for the Patriots before in the early 90s

Who was the place kicker for the New England Patriots before the 2000 season?

Adam Vinatieri.

Have the New England Patriots played in the super bowl before 2015?

yes they have in 2014

Did the Philadelphia Eagles ever face the New England Patriots in a Super Bowl before 2005?


What year was the New England Patriots football team established?

The franchise was founded in 1959 as the Boston Patriots of the AFL before moving to Foxborough and changing its name in 1971.

How many years does Tom Brady have left with the New England Patriots?

Tom Brady is under contract with the New England Patriots thru the 2010 season. He will be a free agent for the 2011 season if the Patriots don't sign him to a contract extension before then. According to Tom E. Curran, the Patriots have planned to put the Franchise Tag on Brady for 2011 if a contract extention is not finished by then.

Which college did Logan Mankins attend before be drafted to the New England Patriots in 2005?

Fresno State University.

What league is the ew england patriots in AFC or nf?

The AFC. Used to be called the AFL before the merger with the NFL.

How long did tom brady sit on bench before becoming stater for New England Patriots?

Nineteen games.

In 2005 What was the last team to win back-to-back Super Bowls before 2005?

The New England Patriots.

Did drew breeze ever play for New England Patriots?

No, Drew Brees was drafted by the Chargers before he signed with the Saints. Never played for New England.

Did Bob Kraft save the New England Patriots from moving to St. Louis?

Yes. Before Bob Kraft bought the New England Patriots in 1994, he had purchased Foxboro Stadium. The then owner of the Patriots James Orthwein tried to buy his way out of Dodge, offering Kraft $ 75,000,000 to buy out the lease. Using the stadium lease as leverage, Bob Kraft struck a deal with Orthwein to purchase the Patriots for $ 175,000,000.

When was the last time the New England Patriots were shut out for at least a half on their home field?

Christmas Eve 2011 vs the Dolphins - the Patriots trailed 17-0 before winning 27-24.

Where were most patriots located during the revolutionary war?

Most of the population in the late 1700's lay in the cities, which were typically seaports and therefore hubs of commerce, industry, and trade. With the first colonists landing in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, before establishing Boston and then onward into New England, more patriots lived in the Boston area as New York-New Jersey had a sizable Royalist contingent amongst them.