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The bike doesn't really care what sprocket it has. "Best" sprocket depends on the rider's preferences and ability. If you're spinning out and want more top speed - get a smaller one. If you're bogging down and slow off the start - get a bigger one.

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Q: What sprocket is best for haro f2?
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What year is a haro f2?


So I bent the sprocket on my bike 09 HARO F2 now I am looking at a 25t sprocket but the problem is i only have about 80 dollars for both parts and I dont know what size driver or freewheel i need?

If the driver/freewheel isn't too badly worn you can keep using it even if you replace the sprocket.

What is best haro x3 or haro f3?

haro F3 is better

Where can i order bike decals for a 09' haro f2?

usually you are a luck man if you can find any decals from a haro bike, i had the same problem and haro informed me that they dont hold on to past bike decals so your out of luck sorry

I need 9 tooth sprocket on my BMX bike for the back do I need a driver or can I just put a freewheel on and what do I need know about fitting it I know about the chain stuff already?

You can get a 9 tooth sprocket, you will need a conversion kit to do it. Haro makes a decent one just do a search for Haro 25/9

Is Haro the best kind of bike?

Haro is a brand, and they have several types of bicycles. And no, they aren't "the best", whatever you mean by that.

Is the haro f1c too small?

Go with haro f series because there the best and will last the longest. Also the haro f1c is not too small at all

How much can you sell a haro f2 for?

Bicycles as a rule don't hold on to their value very well, so half the store price is a good starting point.

Are eastern bmx sprockets compatible with a haro?

Both Eatern and Haro buys their sprocket from other manufacturers, and the sprockets don't really care what bike they're put on. However, there are two different types of BMX hubs, and sprockets can only be moved between hubs of the same type.

What is the best sprocket combination for Yamaha 135lc?

The best sprocket comb for lc135 is 15 37 which the ratio is 2.47

What is the best sprocket combination for suzuki raider j pro?

Best sprocket combi for rj 110cc - 14 36

What is haro bikes?

ANSWER: I believe that Haro is the best BMX complete bikes for the money. I love my Haro BMX race bike.