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Q: What sports were played throughout the ancient world?
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How many sports they are?

There are many different sports throughout the world. Football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and baseball are all popular sports throughout the world.

What was common throughout the ancient world?

Warfare, conquest.

What are international sports?

International Sports are sports that are played all over the entrie world!!

What is the oldest sport world wide?

One of the oldest sports in the world is the discus throw. The discus throw or toss was one of the original Olympic games played in Ancient Greece.

What are global sports?

Sports thta are played professinaly around the world

Where was the abacus developed?

Probably in China but variations of it were used throughout the ancient world.

What sports were played inafghanistan?

Many sports are played in afghanistan. This includes football (American soccer), rugby, and other popular sports around the world.

How did the world of sports change after world war 2?

1 thing is that women played sports with shorter clothes.

What sports uniform rules have changed to acknowledge religious and cultural differences throughout the world?

Tennis is a sport where the rules have changed to acknowledge religious and cultural differences throughout the world.

Which sports are played world wide?

There are many sports played world wide including Running, jogging, swimming and other sports that do not require expensive or any equipment. Sports like hockey, curling, volleyball, tennis, and golf are popular in many countries in the world as well.

Is it true that although Americans movies are popular around the world American sports are not played outside the US?

no it is not true. American sports are being played all around the world. Canada happens to be big on sports which includes American sports.

When did sports start around the world?

Sports have been around for thousands of years. The oldest recorded sports meet was the ancient Olympics which began in 776 BC.

Why is soccer played throughout the world?

Soccer is the most popular sport played throughout the world. FIFA is the organization that runs the World Cup and other football-related international events. It is played throughout the world so many teams can compete against each other, which gives a bit of international spirit to the game.

What kinds of sports does Belgium have?

Soccer is big in Belgium and throughout the rest of the world (Except USA)

How many sports are there throughout the world?

There's an infinite amout. Most of them are not known in America, but they are definitely there.

What are the most played sports in the world?

Soccer and Basketball

What the most played amateur sports in the world?


How did Renaissance give re-birth to ancient Rome and Greece?

The style of art throughout the Renaissance usually depicted scenes from the ancient world. Also some the techniques used were that of the ancient world.

What is sports do they play?

There are a great many sports that are played in the world. These sports include football, soccer, swimming, tennis, and basketball.

How many sports are there worldwide?

there are 237 sports in the world. the best being the AFL which is played in australia

Where is the Davis Cup played?

Throughout the world, depending on the participants.

What is a Chinese sport that is played around the world?

China does not have any sports that have become popular enough to be played around the world. The closest thing that China has to sports is their martial arts.

Is American football played only in America?

Yes No it is played all over the world World Sports Scouting

Why was language important in ancient roman?

Language has been and is important to people and societies throughout the world and throughout history. Language is what makes communication possible.

What are the most popular played sports in the world?

Soccer of course!!