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The US wasn't a country until 1776.

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Q: What sports were played in the US during the 1600s?
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How many sports are played in the US?

367 are played total in the Us

Who colonized the US during Renaissance?

Nobody colonized the US during the Renaissance, which was from around 1400-1600. Colonization of the US only began in the early 1600s, which was just after the Renaissance ended.

What are all the sports played in the US?

football soccer golf tennis i don't know any other us sports

How many different kinds of sports are played in the US?


How many sports are played in the US in a year?

around 9

What sports aren't played in France but in US?

American football; baseball. But then, they're hardly played anywhere except in the US.

What is the popular sports played and watched in the US?

football, baseball, basketball

What are the most commonly played us high school sports?


When are certain sports played in the us?

Well, there are alot of sports played in the us.My personal fav. is football which is played in the fall.Basketball is played in the spring and baseball is played in the middlr of the 2.I don't know alot but I jope that helps!!

Did people play sports in internment camps?

they played sports like baseball. there is a book called baseball saved us about it.

Is it true that although Americans movies are popular around the world American sports are not played outside the US?

no it is not true. American sports are being played all around the world. Canada happens to be big on sports which includes American sports.

What are the four most played sports in the US?

football, baseball, basketball and hockey