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Q: What are the most commonly played us high school sports?
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What are the most commonly played high school sports?

football, soccer, basketball, hockey, swimming

What percent of doctors played high school sports?

36% of doctors have ever played high school sports

Was pauly d in any sports?

His records in high school have not stated that he played any sports in high school.

What sports did obama played in high school?


Should they cancel high school sports?

There is no necessity at all for canceling high school sports. High school athletes and none sports students all benefit from Varsity sports as well a sports played in gymnasiums. Gymnasium sports help build an athlete's body and also, sports at the high school level develops a camaraderie among the student athletes.

What are least played sports in high school?

volly ball

What sports did Taylor Lautner played high school?


What sports did Kurt Warner play in high school?

Kurt Warner played football at Regis High School

Did Barack Obama do sports in high school?

yes, he played basketball.

What Percent of college students played high school sports?


Did Larenz Tate play sports in high school and college?

Larenz Tate played Basketball in high school but wasn't very good at i so he quit.(high School and Elementary) In College he didn't play sports

Did the jersury shore members play sports in high school?

Yes, some of them did. Snooki was a cheerleader, Jenni ran track, The Situation played football, and Vinnie played baseball. Nobody else I know of played high school sports

Does Lea Michele play sports?

Yes. She played volleyball in high school.

How many Fortune 500 executives played high school sports?


What are the most common injuries in high school sports?

football actually, that's a miconception; the most commonly injured high school athletes are female cross country runners.

Number of seats in a high school sports stadium?

There is no set number of seats in a high school sports stadium, as there is no standard design for high school sports facilities.

What basketball player who has never played organized or high school sports but who played for the NBA?

Michael Jordan

When was The Hills Sports High School created?

The Hills Sports High School was created in 1966.

When was Illawarra Sports High School created?

Illawarra Sports High School was created in 1956.

When was Narrabeen Sports High School created?

Narrabeen Sports High School was created in 1954.

When was Westfields Sports High School created?

Westfields Sports High School was created in 1963.

What high school sports are played in winter?

wrestling, girls basketball and boys basketball

What percentage of pro athletes played high school sports?

Less than 1%

Did women get to play school sports?

In the United States, the answer is yes. High school girls have played sports like field hockey, gymnastics, softball, and basketball.

Do most high school sports players rely on sports to get a career?

No. The vast majority of high school sports players will not have a career in professional sports.