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Q: What sports were londsadale belts awarded?
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Where can one obtain a wrestling belt?

A wrestling belt can be obtained from High Sports, AJS Belts, Sports On Earth, Wildcat Belts, Dave Millican Belts, Top Rope Belts, Belt Creations and Pro Am Belts.

Was awarded is right sentence?

The 2 words, 'was awarded' is not a sentence, it is a fragment.Who was awarded what? The professor was awarded a grant. The boy was awarded a sports trophy.

How do you win a trophy for sports?

Be the best in you league and you'll be awarded a sports trophy.

Exactly how is a winning medal awarded in team sports?

a medal is awarded by the team that has the best score is awarded the best prize

Which sport is awarded the starkey cup awarded in?

There are multiple sports in existence which have awarded a cup with this name. The most notable are golf, soccer and dancing troupe.

Does Wrangler only have belts that are appropriate worn with sports wear such as jeans?

Wrangler does make belts that are suitable for dress and work attire.

Who was the First footballer awarded sports personality of the year?

devan colt

Who sells running belts for children in Chicago?

There are a number of stores which sell running belts for children in Chicago. You can try visiting such stores as REI, Dicks Sporting Goods, Bar Stool Sports and Sports Authority.

How many sports are in the winter Olympics 2014?

There are 98 events for which medals will be awarded.

How many sports in the winter Olympics 2014?

There will be medals awarded for 98 events.

How many black belts does Jackie Chan have?

Black belts are not awarded in Chinese martial arts but Jackie Chan has a black belt in Hapkido which he got studying under Grandmaster Jin Pal Kim.

How is a winning medal awarded in team sports?

each team mate gets a medal

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