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soccer and football

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Q: What sports used to be in the Olymipcs?
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Is netball in the 2012 olymipcs?


Is baseball in the olymipcs?

No. Baseball is not in the Olympics.

Who is the father of Olymipcs?

Alfred noble

Where were the ancient greek olymipcs held?


Who is paying for the London olymipcs?

The Britiish taxpayer.

When and where were the first Winter Olymipcs?

athens greece

Who held the 1992 winter olymipcs?

Albertville, France.

Why were the olymipcs not held in 1940 and 1944?

World War II

How old to be in the olymipcs?

14 if you get picked or 16 to actually go into it

What are the exact dates of the 2010 olymipcs?

July 27th 2012

Who one the 2004 olymipcs long jump?

carl Lewis

Why are the olymipcs a good thing?

becuase it makes the country more known.

Where are the next Olympics going to be?

The 2008 Olymipcs are going to be in Beiging, China.

Which Canadian city hosted the winter olymipcs in 1988?

Calgary, Alberta

What is the last city in Norway to host the olymipcs?

Lillehammer in Oppland county.

Who hosted the winter olymipcs in 2002?

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Who can be spectator for the modern olymipcs?

anybody who buys a ticket or invities

How can friction be used in sports?

friction can be used in sports because

How computer is used in sports?

How are computers used in atheletic sports?

Is sports an adjective?

Yes; as in "sports medicine" or "sports festival" because it is used to modify the noun . However, it can be a noun when used with a singular verb; as in: "Sports is important to me."

What animals are used for sports and recreation?

Various animals are used for sports and recreation. For example, horses are regular used for various sports across many cultures.

Are Tasmanian devils used for sports?

No. Tasmanian devils are certainly not used for sports.

Events occurred in 2007-2008?

if you mean what sporting events happened in 2007 - 2008 then the answer is: olymipcs

The summer olymipcs occur every how many years?

2 years after every winter olympics.

Did there used to be sports challenges on sports personality?