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Lots of teams share a stadium between two (or more) sports. Some teams in the same league share a stadium like the LA Galaxy and Chivas USA in the Home Depot Center.

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Q: What sports teams share a stadium?
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What state do the New York Giants play in?

the teams still share a stadium. They a have new stadium in New Jersey but still share it.

What two NFL teams share the same stadium?

Jets and Giants both play at MetLife Stadium.

What nfl teams share stadiums?

Well... The New York Giants share a stadium with the New York Jets. The Oakland Raiders share a stadium with the Oakland Athletics (MLB).

Which New York sports complex did the Beatles perform in?

Shea Stadium (The New York Mets baseball teams stadium)

What is the seating capacity of Arrowhead Stadium?

Arrowhead Stadium has a seating capacity of 76,416 seats. That is for both NFL and MLS sports teams.

What 2 professional sports teams do ks and Missouri share?

Royals and Chiefs

How do you use the word stadium in a sentence?

Many pro sports teams play their sports games in stadiums with commercial names.I hope the new stadium will be finished before the football season starts.

Where is the big football stadium in the world?

Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata, India. Three of Indian premium footvball teams share the arena. The capacity is 1,20,000.

How many combined total miles from stadium to stadium will visiting teams travel to play at Sports Authority Field at Mile High during the 2012 season?


What NFL and MLB teams play on the same field?

The Miami Marlins and Miami dolphins did share a stadium (Sun Life Stadium) until the marlins relocated to their new facility.

When was All Sports Stadium created?

All Sports Stadium was created in 1961.

When did All Sports Stadium end?

All Sports Stadium ended in 2005.

When was Orlando Sports Stadium created?

Orlando Sports Stadium was created in 1967.

Where do NFL teams stay in Miami?

I believe it's the El Palacio Sports Hotel, which is about a half mile from Sun Life Stadium.

What are the major sports teams in Wyoming?

Wyoming has no major sports teams.

What is the name of the patriots football teams stadium?

The Patriots Stadium is called Gillette Stadium.

What NHL team does not share a stadium with any other sport?

All teams do mostly for dirt bike races and quad races etc.

What is the tallest sports stadium?

Mile High Stadium

When do NFL teams arrive at the stadium?

The NFL teams arrive at the stadium before the game. They leave when the game is finished.

What is the largest stadium in the MLB?

Professional sports teams are constantly building bigger stadiums for their fans to enjoy. Right now the biggest in Major League Baseball is Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

What is the capacity of National Sports Stadium?

The capacity of National Sports Stadium at Harare in Zimbabwe is 60,000.

What is the capacity of Wuhan Sports Center Stadium?

The capacity of the Wuhan Sports Center Stadium is 60,000.

When did Accra Sports Stadium disaster happen?

Accra Sports Stadium disaster happened in 2001.

Do you Jets and Giants NFL team share the same stadium?

The Jest and the Giants share the same stadium.

How many teams are in Colorado?

There are 13 Colorado sports teams and 8 college Colorado sports teams