What NFL teams play in an indoor stadium?

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2015-10-18 23:48:15

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6 - Minnesota, New Orleans, St Louis, Indianapolis, Seattle, Detroit

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2022-05-11 20:46:12
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Q: What NFL teams play in an indoor stadium?
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What NFL football teams play in an indoor stadium?

6 - Minnesota, New Orleans, St Louis, Indianapolis, Seattle, Detroit

What stadium do all the NFL teams play at?

ahoaha stadeium

What two NFL teams share the same stadium?

Jets and Giants both play at MetLife Stadium.

When do NFL teams arrive at the stadium?

The NFL teams arrive at the stadium before the game. They leave when the game is finished.

How many NFL teams play in a college stadium?

One NFL team plays in a college stadium, the LA Rams, who play in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, home of the USC Trojans.

How many nfl teams do not have their stadium in their states?

2 ny jets and ny giants both play at same stadium in new jersey

American football teams in England?

As of 2013 there are no American Football teams in England. Once a year two teams from the NFL travel to England and play at Wembley stadium. There are rumors that the NFL wants to expand into Europe though.

Is there a football stadium in Missouri?

Missouri is home to two NFL teams. The Kansas City Chiefs play at Arrowhead Stadium and the St. Louis Rams play at the Edward Jones Dome.

What pro baseball teams and pro football teams use the same stadium?

There is only one stadium used for both MLB and NFL games and that is Oakland Coliseum where both the Athletics and Raiders play.

How many NFL teams have retractable stadium roofs?


What NFL teams play tonight?

No nfl teams are playing today

What NFL and MLB teams play on the same field?

The Miami Marlins and Miami dolphins did share a stadium (Sun Life Stadium) until the marlins relocated to their new facility.

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