What sports team has never ever won a title?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Teams that Never won a World Series Championship

Below is a list of teams (Franchises) that have never won a World Series title since the franchise started .

  • Texas Rangers (Washington Senators) 50 seasons since 1961
  • Houston Astros (Houston Colt .45s) 49 seasons since 1962
  • Milwaukee Brewers (Seattle Pilots) 42 seasons since 1969
  • San Diego Padres 42 seasons since 1969
  • Washington Nationals (Montreal Expos) 42 seasons since 1969
  • Seattle Mariners 34 seasons since 1977
  • Colorado Rockies 18 season since 1993
  • Tampa Bay Rays 13 seasons since 1998
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Q: What sports team has never ever won a title?
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