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Babe Ruth from the Yankee Baseball team

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What career cluster is a basketball player in?


Can you become a basketball player in sims 3?

NO. But you can join the Professional Sports career option.

What is the average length of time of a career in professional sports?

In football for an average player the average length of their career is 3-3.5 years

Can you be a soccer player in sims 3?

Sure, just have your sim join the Professional Sports Career!

What types of career advancements or promotion opportunities are available with the nfl player?

sports anchor, or coach

What is the average career length of an American football player?

about 8 years

What sports have a center as a player?

American football, ice hockey and basketball are a few sports which have centers as players.

What are some of the career highlights of the American basketball player David West?

Career highlights of American basketball player David West are being the 2008 and 2009 NBA All Star Player, 2003 Big Man award and 2003 National Player of the Year.

Famous sports player with jersey number 52?

Mike Webster's number 52

What American born NHL hockey player has scored the most career goals?

Mike Modano is the leading American born NHL Player with the most goals.

Who is baseball player with highest number of hits in career?

pete rose

What famous sports player wears the number 25?

barry bonds

Famous sports player for Holland sports teams?

For the Netherlands Football Team there is Wesley Sneijder (number 10)

What American born player has scored the most career points in NHL history?

Mike Modano

Sports Stars that Wore Number 18?

All I know is that the Colts player, Peyton Manning, has the number 18...

Which player has scored highest number of goals in his career?

Actually, it's a she. And her name is abby wombeck

How did the American tennis player Mary Pierce become famous?

American tennis player Mary Pierce became famous for being a successful professional tennis player. She ended her career after winning four different Grand Slam events.

Who are the famous sports player that have worn number 8 on their jersey?

Kobe Bryant Matt Schuab

What pro sports figures wear number 44?

Jim Brown, famous football player

Is there any famous sports player with the number 5?

Joe DiMaggio - New York Yankees

What is Ryan kelly famous for?

Ryan Kelly is a former American Basketball player who won several tournaments and games with a number of teams throughout his career. His engagement to the daughter of Bill Crowley has recently made the news.

What sport did Lou Groza play?

Lou Groza was an American football player. He played his entire career for the Cleveland Browns.

What defensive player has the most touchdown in a career?

Darell Green number 28 he played for the Washington redskins.

Do you have to have a number on a rugby shirt?

There are sometimes numbers on rugby shirts. But this is not the number of the player who is wearing the shirt like in most other sports

What is Ed Hartwell's career NFL earnings?

Follow this link