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Q: What sports restrict the use of the left hand?
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What two sports are left-handed people not permitted to participate in?

No sport bans left-handed people. They merely restrict the use of the left hand to no, or a certain set of, activities. This includes sports like polo and field hockey (and arm-wrestling if you call it a sport).

What is it called when you write with your right hand but play sports with your left hand?

It means you are ambidextrous which is where you use both of your hands equally well. Including me, I write with my right hand and throw a football and shoot a basketball with my left.

Does Canada use left hand or right hand drive?

Left hand drive.

What happens if a right handed is forced to use the left hand?

then they will learn how to use their left hand and after a long period of time forget how to use their right hand.

What hand do presidents use to be sworn in?

left left

What hand does left handed people cut their food with?

People tend to use the dominant hand for cutting as it is the stronger; therefore, a left-handed person would normally use the left hand.

What hand does Princeton use in mindless behavi or?

Left hand

Does UK use left hand drive or right hand drive cars?

We drive on the left, so use rhd cars.

Is a right handed compound bow where you hold it with your right hand or draw it with your right hand?

Right handed bow: hold in your left hand, draw with your right hand and use your right eye dominant. Left handed bow: hold in your right hand, draw with your left hand and use your left eye dominant.

How do you use the word restrict a sentence?

My mom tries to restrict my use of the internet.

Is it ok to cheat your right hand with your left hand if you are right-handed?

ANSWER: If your talking about logic when it comes to our hands, you can, because people who are left handed hardly use their right hands, but I will give you my own story here, I am a left handed person but because I attended a Private Catholic school, we are not allowed to use our left hand so I learn to use my right hand, so now I can use my right and left hand when it comes on writing.

What hand do the french use forks with?


In which sport can you not use your left hand?


What sport can you not use your left hand?


What did John Hancock use?

his left hand

What are five sports that you cannot play left handed?

There are no sports that require play on the right-hand side or that a player is right-handed. A common misconception is that field hockey is one such sport; it only requires use of a right-handed stick, where play can and often is made on the left of the body.

What hand does bob Ewell use?

Bob Ewell uses his left hand

Can a Muslim be left - handed?

Yes, they just cannot eat with their left hand. My mother and daughter are both left handed but they eat with their right. Even if someone eat with lhis/her left hand then he/she will still remains as Muslim. If a person doesn't have a right hand and eats with a left hand then it permissible for him/her to eat with left hand or use spoon with left hand.

Im a right-handed goalie but im left handed?

That is possible. Im right handed but when i play hockey, i use my left hand!

Did the Prophet Muhammad ever give with his left hand sadaqa or anything?

Of course he did use his left hand to give or to take things,but depending on what.''Sadaqa'' is always given by the right hand. Like when you are eating,you do use your left hand as well to feed or to past something over.

Which hand should you stir soup with?

If you are right-handed, use your right hand. If you are left-handed, use your left hand. By using your dominant hand, you won't be as likely to burn yourself or cause the hot food to splatter or spill.

Do polar bears use their right hand or their left hand?

Animals, just like us humans, tend to use one hand over the other. I have done some research and have found that they tend to be Left handed, or Left pawed. lol I am left handed, what a coincidence!

Does south Korea use left hand drive or right hand drive?

right hand drive

How does hand dominance affect reaction time?

if you use your left hand when you are a righty then it may change because you are using a different hand which you are not use to

Which hand do Muslims use for sanitation purposes?