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Well, all sports require technique and skill. If the sport you play requires speed as a technique or skill, then you will be expected to have speed. Not all sports require speed, but then other skills are required.

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Q: What sports require the use of speed?
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Related questions

Where is speed found in sports?

Mostly tennis, soccer, and football, and basketball. They require lots of running and speed.

What exercises use the lactic acid system?

sports that require a sustained burst of high-intensity exercise will use the lactic acid system and cause the body to go into oxygen debt. examples of that are 400m Sprinting, Speed Skating, Crossfit.

What sports require stamina?

You need stamina to compete in most sports, but in some you just need few explosions of speed

What sports do you use coordination in?

All team sports require co-ordination.

What sports require speed?

Waterpolo, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, swimming, tennis, etc

What sports use the cardiac muscle?

All sports that require the competitor to be alive use the cardiac AKA the heart muscle.

What type of sports would require the use of a sports bra for woman?

Most types of sports that would require a sports bra for most women include sports like gymnastics and figure skating, as well as soccer and basketball as well.

Why do you need speed in sport?

Speed helps in the over all difficulty in the sport. Some sports you don't require speed like bowling, video games, etc.

What specific sports use speed?


What are two sports that use boats and outboards?

There are various sports that use boats and outboards for recreation. Two sports that require a boat and outboards are wake-boarding and water-skiing.

Is it required to use a cup in all sports?

Tennis does not require a cup.

What sports use speed?

running,swimming, cycling and football

Which sport uses speed?

There are a numerous sports that require speed eg. Sprinting, Horse racing, Ice skating, Swimming, Football and Ice Hockey to name just a few.

What is the definition of speed in sports?

at is the definition of speed in sports

Which shutter speed would be best for sports photography?

Most DSLR's include a "Sports" shutter speed function. That's what i use so my images arern't blurry. Hope this helps!

What sports require the most skill related fitness and why?

soccer you use most body parts

What sports use anaerobic capacity?

marathon runners, athletes who require high cardio levels

What sports require muscular endurance?

A couple sports that require muscular endurance would be cross country, soccer, swimming, water polo. Any sport that requires you to use the same muscle groups for extended periods of time.

What sports require most speed?

I think that track, cross country, football, soccer, volleyball, baseball, softball, swimming, and mainly ever sport in the book. :D I mean... can you think of any sport that doesn't require speed? Even tennis requires you to get quickly to the tennis ball...

What sports require skill?

Almost all sports require some sort of skill some require more than others but soccer is probably the most skill requiring sport out there. Other sports require quite a bit of luck like baseball and others require lots of strength like football and rugby.

What are the importance of speed velocity and acceleration in sports?

what are important speed, velocity and acceleration in several sports

Car speed governors?

the government require that all new cars (and all cars, after 5 years) be equipped with speed governors that use GPS

What sports require the use of a wetsuit?

Wetsuits can be used in a variety of sports and activities. These include; diving, deep sea diving, surfing, body surfing, windsurfing, canoeing, white water rafting, and many other water sports.

What are at least two sports that require flexibility?

Dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics are all sports that focus heavily on flexibility, but all sports require flexibility to a degree. It helps you stay limber, which helps you keep moving and in shape, which is important to sports.

What water sports require a license?

The most common licence that is needed for water sports is a fishing license. Depending on the country, many of the motorized equipment used in water sports require a license.