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cricket,soccer and so much more

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Q: What sports participated in Chad?
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What is chad national sports?

Chad national sports is soccer

What are the most participated sports?

i know fishing is classed as the most participated

What sports are in Chad Africa?

The principal sports in Chad are football, basketball, athletics, boxing, martial arts and fishing.

What sports are there in Chad?

The sports in Chad, Africa include: football, basketball, athletics, boxing, martial arts and fishing

Who participated in recreational sports?

Be more specific please.

Where does bowling rank in participated sports in us?

Bowling is the most participated sport in the US, followed by soccer and baseball.

Why do they play sports in chad Africa?

they want to

What type of sports did ancient Sparta?

They participated in the Olympic sports, but what they mostly care about was gaining power and war.

What are intercollegiate sports?

Intercollegiate sports are athletic competitions that are organized, funded, and participated in by institutions of tertiary education.

What type of sports did Jewish people participate in?

Jewish people have participated in all sports, throughout history.

What are the sports they play in chad?

Soccer is the most popular sport in Chad. Basketball is also common in some places in Chad but mostly it is Soccer -Keke M.

What sports do they play in chad?

this answer is unkown so bog off

What kinds of sports do they play in Chad?

They play football and soccer.

Where does bowling rank for all sports?

Bowling is the highest participated sport in the world.

Who is the cockiest player in sports?

chad ocho cinco Johnson #85

What is the first sports illustrated worth?

chad hatten depends on the condition

What are the first three sports women were allowed to participate in at the Olympics?

The 3 sports were tennis, golf, and croquet. This occurred in 1900 when 19 women participated in the aforementioned sports.

What is the most participated sports in the world?

soccer which is is known internationally and is most popular in Brazil

Which Olympic events have the athletes from Chad participated in?

Chad has competed in athletics, boxing, and judo at the Olympic Games. For the 2012 Games in London, Chad currently has one athlete qualified to compete ... that being Carine Ngarlemdana in women's middleweight class (-70 kg) judo.

What were the popular sports of 1995?

Humping Purple Monkey Dishwashers like Chad

Where did the phrase pay the man Shirley originate?

The phrase pay the man Shirley originate from sports reporter Norman Chad. The line pays homage to Shirley Povich, a Washington Post sports editor. Norman Chad began his career in sports reporting at the Washington Post.

What are the five most participated sports in nz?

soccer,rugby,hockey,golf and net ball

Is missy peregrym a real gymnast?

No- she is not a gymnast. She participated in several sports in high school, but not in gymnastics.

How do you answer a question about less percentage in academics in interview?

if we are intrested in sports and participated in event programminga frequently

Did rosa parks do any sports?

Rosa Parks was not known to have participated in any recreational sports of any kind on a professional nor private level.