What sports need specialised clothing?

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Q: What sports need specialised clothing?
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Why do you need to wear the right clothing for sports?

it depends how you think of the word "clothing" because in alot of sports they need padding to protect themselves and i some other sports you need clothing to help you go faster, or in some cases just to look good in the sport your playing.

What sports need protective clothing?

pretty much all sports, except for some track sports and tennis/badminton

How do you get a license to sell major sports clothing?

How and where do you apply for a license to sell retail sports clothing?

When was International Sports Clothing created?

In my opinion and in a professional way, I recommend to you the most famous company in the world in the field of clothing, shoes and sports equipment, which is ..>

What are the objectives of jjb sports?

to sell sports clothing and equipment, and make money.

German sports clothing manufacturer?


What types of clothing does SUGOI sell?

Sugoi sells clothing suitable for outdoor sports such as running, cycling and triathlon. They have a wide range of clothing available to suit the needs of the people that partake in such activities. This includes sports shirts and sports trousers.

What type of sports clothing can be purchased at Champion?

Champion, also known as Champion USA, is a manufacturer and retailer of sports apparel. Some of the clothing that may be found at Champion USA include sports brassiers, athletic socks and shoes, and performance clothing. Champion USA also has athletic clothing for specific types of sports, such as basketball and football.

Ancient rome sports clothing?

Ancient Romans didn't wear clothing while playing sports. Both men and women had nothing on. Although, women did not not play many sports.

What effect did bicycling and other sports have on women's clothing?

It made clothing more practical.

Do animals need clothing?

Animals do not need clothing

What kinds of products can one purchase from Sports Authority?

Sports Authority sells sports apparel and accessories. This includes clothing and sports equipment.

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