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Well, Football the most, volleyball is also popular in south Africa

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Q: What sports in Africa are important?
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When was Africa Sports National created?

Africa Sports National was created in 1948.

What are the major sports in South Africa?

The major sports in South Africa are soccer and rugby.

What are the most played sports in Africa?

the most played sports in Africa is soccer that's it

How did sports originate?

from Africa

How much do sports psychologists earn in South Africa?

When a person is deciding on their career it is important to know the salary made with that career. A sports psychologist can earn $45,000-80,000 a year.

Who is the famous sports star of South Africa?

Graeme smith and Jacques kallis are the famous sports star of south africa.

What are the main sports in South Africa?

The main sports are rugby, soccer & cricket.

Does North Africa have school sports?

some of them

What sports are played mostly in Africa?


Which sports are played Africa?

soccer mainly

Which areas sports played in Africa?


Why do they play sports in chad Africa?

they want to

What sports do North Africa enjoy?

Soccer !

What sports is Africa playing the most?

Africa's most popular sport is soccer

What sports do you do in Africa?

Many sports are played through out Africa. Some sports, in fact many American sports are shared in Africa.Some sports they have that we do not include cricket. Popular sports are golfing,surfing,running,rugby,hockey,boxing and swimming. These all were noot invented in the US and shared with Africa, but invented in different parts of the world, and our two continents enjoy them.All of these sports can take a huge part in Africa's culture, and enjoyed in their land as in ours. :)

WHY practice is important in sports?

Practice is important in sports because if you do not practise you will not be so good sports compitition etc.

What are the two most popular sports in South Africa?

One of the two most populas sports in South Africa is soccer, the other is cricket.

What is all Africa's sports?

the all Africa football tournament is called the African nations

What sports does South Africa do?

The world cup is being hosted in south Africa this year

What are the most popular sports played in Africa?

The most popular sports played in Africa is football. That is soccer but they call it football because you play it with your feet.

Name the two most popular sports in the Republic of South Africa?

Football (soccer) and cricket are the two most popular sports in South Africa

What does saferopesport mean?

a person who plays sports in Africa

Whats sports were invented in Africa?

the game Soccette.

West Africa sports?

Soccer (football), and rugby

A list of sports they play in Africa?

Chace the monkey