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football, hockey, and Lacrosse

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Q: What sports have the same concept as soccer?
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Related questions

Is sports direct the same as soccer sports?

no.......they are both different even though they have roughly the same stuff:)

Who discovered football not soccer?

Lenore Skenazy. "Football" and "Soccer" are the same sports cause it's same kicking the ball.

What are the 2 sports that have the same name?

Football and soccer. it isn't 2 sports with the same name , it is one sport with two names . In USA they say soccer while UK and the rest of Europe it is named football.

How do a country's soccer team enter olympic soccer games?

The same way all other sports do: by qualification.

What kind of sports do they play in the dominican Republic?

Some of their most popular sports are baseball and soccer but they pretty much the same sports as us.

What does ea stand for in sport?

Electronic Arts Sports, same concept as EA, except they gave it a section for sports.

List 20 kinds of sports are played in colombia?

Football, soccer, swimming, and Tennis. All the same kind of sports we play.

What are popular activities in Germany?

Soccer, Football,basketball and many other sports are played in Germany, most of them are the same sports played in Canada

What sports do they play at Danish schools?

The same kind of sports as you would play in North America, but traditionally, football (soccer) is popular in Europe.

Why does soccer players wear cleats?

Soccer players need friction/traction to help control their movements. Basically, it's just the concept of shoes in daily wear or other sports, but with more control to help with the grass.

When did Disney Sports Soccer happen?

Disney Sports Soccer happened in 2002.

What is sports hooliganism?

It is a group of people that like the same teams.. found in sports like soccer rugby etc.... as seen on green street hooligans

What sports do Canada play?

Same sports as usa but American football is stricly American they usually play soccer and hockey and are known most in the winter Olympics for curling

How was soccer compered to other sports?

not like most sports on soccer you use your legs

What separates soccer from all other sports?

soccer is dumber than most sports

What sports did people play in 1997?

Many of the same sports we play in 2010, soccer, football, basketball (very popular because of Michael Jordan), and baseball are some common sports.

When was Disney Sports Soccer created?

Disney Sports Soccer was created on 2002-07-18.

When did Kidz Sports International Soccer happen?

Kidz Sports International Soccer happened in 2008.

What sports do people in pennsylania play?

I am from pennslyvanina and we play rugby football baseball soccer tennis and lots of other sports pretty much same sports you would find anywhere else

What is the natniol sports?

The national sports are Basketball, Football, Soccer and im cool with it! The national sports are Basketball, Football, Soccer and im cool with it!

Why doesn't the sports category have soccer in it since soccer is one of the world's most popular sports?

it already has it.

Why are shoes for different sports different?

You need different abilities to do different sports. That's the same as shoes. Like a soccer shoe... it gives you a good grip on the grass.

What sports do they play in Virginia?

Virginia is a state of our country, so they have the same sports as any other else in the country. (examples) football,hockey,golf,soccer,etc.

Does All Sports feature sports from other country's such as soccer?

"Yes, most all sports feature sports from all countries such as soccer. Soccer is becoming more popular across the world and a bigger part of mainstream culture all over."

Is Irish football the same as British football?

If you are talking about soccer in Ireland and in Britain, then they are the same sport. If you are talking about Gaelic Football, one of Ireland's national sports, then it is very different than soccer. See the related question below.