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The same kind of sports as you would play in North America, but traditionally, football (soccer) is popular in Europe.

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Q: What sports do they play at Danish schools?
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What sports do Brazilian schools play?


Are private schools in Florida allowed to play sports in public schools?


Can a kid play schools sports if he is homeschooled?

Kids can play sports when homeschooled but not with A school but with privet team.

Do you have to be in 7th grade to play sports for your school?

No you do not. Although some schools require you to be in a certain grade to play some sports.

Are boarding schools for sports also?

Some boarding schools have nationally ranked sports teams, and many boarding school students are recruited to play sports in college.

Is there a penalty for changing schools without moving to play other sports?

yes-you can't do it. When change schools there is usually a time-span before you are allowed to play sports. For example, in western michigan, if you change schools you have to wait 4 months before you can play a sport.

Why can't sixth graders play school sports?

At some schools they allow it such as basketball, volleyball etc. In 7th grade most schools start sports there.

What sports do the England schools play?

Futball. Also known as soccer in the U.S

Why can't 6th graders play in middle school sports?

The schools think that 6th graders are to liltle for sports

Reason sixth graders can't play sports in middle school?

sixth graders can play sports in middle school at some schools though

What sports do French schools teach?

French schools teach the basics of athletics. Children also go to the swimming pool and play collective sports (basketball, football, ..)

How old at schools do you have to be to play contact rugby?

Schools normally start contact sports like rugby at the age of 11

What GPA do you need to play sports?

Most schools need to have an average of 2.0 GPA.

If you transfer schools can you play sports?

yes, unless the season is about to be over or if their in the finals already

What sports did the danish people play in the 1940s?

The nation sport of Denmark is football(soccer) The nation sport of Denmark is football(soccer)

In which countries is Danish spoken?

Danish is spoken in Denmark, of course, including the Faroe Islands, in Greenland, and in the northernmost part of Germany. Danish is taught in the schools in Iceland. Danish is mutually intelligible with Norwegian.

Can students that have virtual high schools still allowed to play sports at a normal school?

i think so

What do the Indian children do in their schools?

They study and play sports and socialize like in any other school. What did you think?

Can you transfer schools during your senior year in high school?

Yes you can . to play sports at that school is different

What sports do french schools play?

Soccer baceball tennis pingpong basketballnearly every thing but no handball

Why do schools need sports teams?

Many people in the world love sports. If schools can compete in different sports with their own students, that would be pretty cool. Schools do that, and continue to have sports teams.

How do you say LEGO in danish?

Lego is Leg Godt in Danish meaning "play well"

Is LEGO English or American?

Lego is actually Danish and means 'Play Well' in Danish.

Why do schools revere sports?

schools revere sports to encourge the students to be a good sportsment and that if they never give up they can be a star player and if u keep on practicing and practing u will get better as u play the sport.

When were sports introduced in schools?

Schools have been introduced to sports for hundreds of years. The first sport was soccer that was introduced to British schools.